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Startups on Instagram: How to Grow from Rookie to Unicorn

As a startup, there are many challenges you have to surpass. And these aren’t limited to real world challenges, but there are also virtual world challenges, which are associated with social media, establishing a presence online, creating an identity, building a base of followers, so on and so forth.

There are, of course, some strategies that have been proven to be quite efficient – such as turning to a bot to get Instagram followers or implementing top Instagram hashtags that apply to your industry. But let’s get into more detail, shall we?

Focus on Generating Interactive Content

If you took a minute to assess the world in which we live you would come to the conclusion that we live in a world in which content is the key. But not any type of content goes, considering the high level of competitiveness, only the one that distinguishes itself through its high degree of quality.

Simply put, as opposed to posting just so that you are present on social media, you should strive to make your posts interactive. One way of interacting with your base of followers is by including polls in your Instagram stories, for example. Make sure, however, that the inquiries you make are related to your business’ activity, otherwise, you aren’t relevant.

Give Live Content a Try

The reason why live content is so efficient is primarily because it creates a sense of urgency. This sense of urgency increases the user’s interest in watching your content. At the same time, though, there’s no need to post lengthy videos – in fact, the shorter ones might be even more efficient. The key, however, is to keep them interesting and, most notably, relevant.

Try New Approaches

You can use social media in order to make your follower associate your business with a positive experience. One of the ways in which you can persuade a potential customer of this is through videos and content, which transmit such emotions.

For example, if you were to run a real estate startup, one of the ways in which you could approach the live content feature on Instagram is by touring the apartments you want to sale. Of course, there are many more other ways in which you can make your brand more appealing on social media. The key is to channel your creativity. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. It is usually the creative ideas that really make a difference.

Be Empathic

Another way in which you can grow your rate of engagement is by embracing an empathic approach. What could this mean? For example, you could get involved in humanitarian causes, as this will help you distinguish your business from your competition.

Even though the tips mentioned above can be a good start to grow your business on Instagram, make sure you are patient. At the same time, the most sensible approach is testing out different strategies and apply them to your industry. In this way, before realizing, you will have managed to build an online presence!