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The Most Effective Way to Download YouTube Playlist to Mobile Devices

It is no longer news that the world is fast shrinking into our palm as virtually everything we needs can be accessed right there from our smartphones. People now search online via their mobile devices whenever they need any product or services. More than ever before, we can now download any video we want in a matter of seconds.

But what do you do when you have so much videos in your playlist and you need to download and watch them offline on your mobile? You will need that one sufficient tool that can help you download your favorite playlist and also transfer them to your mobile. This is a great way to save data and also enjoy your favorite TV series on the go – even when internet is not available.

In this article, we will be sharing some useful tools to help you seamlessly download YouTube playlist to your mobile.

3 YouTube Playlist Downloader Tools That Actually work

Just as earlier said, for you to enjoy a seamless downloading of your favorite YouTube playlist, you will need efficient tools to help you do the job. While there are countless YouTube playlist downloader out there and also youtube to mp4 converters as well, here are the 3 most effective you can always trust for your video download.

#1: iTube Studio

No doubt, iTube Studio is one of the top and most effective YouTube playlist downloader you can ever found. Downloading your playlist with this software is super easy and it supports a one-click playlist downloading while also allowing you to transfer the videos to your mobile devices. There is no downloader that can provide better convenience.

Whether you use a Windows or Mac computer, iTube Studio will run smoothly on it to help you download your YouTube playlist videos. It supports batch download and 4k quality video download is seamless with the application. It helps you get the videos in the best quality possible and you can also convert it to any format of your choice. There is a reason iTube is regarded as the best YouTube playlist downloader. Before this article comes to an end, I will show you how to download your YouTube playlist using iTube Studio and also transfer it to your phone.

#2: 4K Video Downloader

This is another YouTube playlist downloader you will love. 4K video downloader allows you download your favorite YouTube playlist without stress. It does not only allow you download videos from YouTube, but also from other websites like Vimeo, Facebook, and many more. The downloader supports a wide range of video formats, ranging from MP4, MP3, FLV, MKV, and many more. This means you can always get your videos downloaded in any format of your choice.  Another intriguing thing about 4K video downloader is that it also helps you automatically download videos from a particular channel so far you have subscribed to the channel.

#3: Gihosoft TubeGet

This is another key player in this arena. Gihosoft TubeGet is a trusted YouTube playlist downloader that works just fine on Windows computers. It is great for downloading MP4, HD, and 4k videos without any hassles. If you need to download your favorite TV series without wasting any time, choosing TubeGet is indeed a wise decision. The tool also allows you to download playlist videos from other sites aside YouTube, including Tumblr and Vimeo.

How to Use iTube Studio to Download YouTube Playlist on Your Computer

In many instances, iTube Studio has been recognized as the most effective tool when it comes to downloading YouTube playlist and also transferring to mobile devices for an undisturbed entertainment. Instead of downloading videos at a time, iTube Studio allows you to download your playlist once to save a lot of time and data. Below are some easy steps to download your favorite playlist with iTube Studio.

  • Step #1: Download the iTube Studio Software

You will need to first download and install the software on your computer. Then launch the software after it has finished downloading. Now, from your browser, open your YouTube playlist and copy the URL of the playlist.

  • Step #2: Paste the URL on iTube Studio

After grabbing the playlist URL, open iTube Studio and click on the “Download” button at the left panel. Then past the URL you have copied and wait for iTube Studio to automatically detect the videos in the playlist and prompt you confirm the download. When you do that, the download is ready to begin.

  • #3: Download your favorite YouTube playlist videos

You will be prompted to choose the videos you want to download from your playlist and also set the desired resolution of such videos. Then press the “Download” button to start downloading your videos in batch.

There is no better way to conveniently download your YouTube playlist. iTube Studio has made it all simple and easy. iTube studio is also not expensive and you can take advantage of their Black Friday Sales for the best deal on the software.

iTube Black Friday Event

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After taking this discount, you will have the chance to enjoy 100% money back guarantee on the software in case you are not satisfied with it. However, you will need to hurry now to claim this offer as it ends on Nov. 30th, 2019.