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The Most Successful Online Stores Apps

Online stores have taken over the internet by storm in the past decades, making e-commerce one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. Studies suggest that approximately 80% of adults prefer shopping online, showing a significant shift in consumers’ preferences over the years. Recently the baton of e-commerce was passed on to shopping apps by websites because of the emergence of mobile technology. More users prefer scrolling over the app rather than browsing sites.

The incorporation of easy return and refund policies have added to the convenience of shopping online on the go. Here are some of the leading online stores out there and what makes them stand out. If you’re searching for a partner who knows how to create an online shopping app you can read the article by the link. 

  1. Amazon

Not only Amazon is the most popular online shopping app out there, but it has also expanded into so many channels to be available to customers from all spectrums of society. The highest-grossing channel Amazon uses is its online shopping app.

One can find everything on the app, including household appliances, high-end gadgets, gardening supplies, gaming consoles, grocery items, office equipment, candies, e-bikes, and more on one application. Looking up these products is also quite easy with voice assistance shopping powered by Alexa. 

Besides, Amazon is teeming with features such as wish lists, reorder, GPS trackers, send and share links, shipment notifications, safe and secure payment gateways, easy returns, and whatnot. Even the shipping offered by Amazon is one of the fastest and runs on a global scale.

  1. eBay

If frugality and minimalism are your callings, then you should check out eBay, the world’s handiest marketplace, to buy and sell used products. You can find everything from the most trivial products, such as a set of kitchen knives to expensive luxury watches on this platform.

The app is user-friendly beyond your imagination with features such as barcode scanning, browsing, listing, selling, real-time auctions, push notifications regarding the availability of certain products, and more. App developers should learn from eBay about how to create an online shopping app because you cannot have enough of theirs. The secure payment gateways and easy shipping make the app more reliable to first-time users. 

  1. Etsy

For those looking for a platform to splurge on art and creativity, Etsy is the app for you. The platform is teeming with creations of famous and emerging artists and designers. You can also contact the creators through this app to have them personalize art for you as per your desires. Etsy is also the platform for you if you are against mass-produced goods because you cannot find these many handmade items on other platforms. 

Some features that make Etsy the best app include the availability of multi-lingual platforms, curated artwork recommendations for frequent visitors, in-app calling and messaging enabled to contact owners, and the ability to add preferred items in a separate list.  

  1. AliExpress

AliExpress is a Chinese shopping app that has made a global mark with its extraordinary products and services. Most products listed on the platform are offered by small businesses in China and other corners of the world, making this website a catalyst for development in developing nations. In the beginning, the parent company, Alibaba Group Holding Limited, created the website as a B2B solution, but today, the app allows B2C and C2C transactions as well. 

  1. OLX

One cannot ignore the prominence of the most popular C2C marketplace in the e-commerce industry when speaking of competitive shopping applications such as OLX. It is a platform where individuals can post ads for their belongings to sell them so that those who are in need can make an offer and purchase. Everything from household appliances, gadgets, vehicles, to properties can be listed on the platform. The app’s job is to help buyers reach the desired sellers so that a successful transaction can take place.

If you wish to make a listing on OLX, make sure that you use quality images and accurate descriptions too. The privacy policy on the app is designed to protect users’ personal information, keeping your contact details safe by allowing in-app messaging and calling.

  1. Facebook Marketplace 

This is yet another online shopping platform, which is growing leaps and bounds with an enormous user-base connected on the parent platform – Facebook. The Marketplace is the recent venture of the social media website to encourage sellers to list their products on the app and invite their connections and more to make purchases.

Several small businesses from developed and developing countries have benefitted from this platform launched in October 2016.

In the end, online store apps have been designed to make the lives of buyers and sellers easier with the added convenience of time, storage, and money. Now, even small businesses can grow without investing heavily in physical infrastructure and expanding their reach to a global audience with leading applications.