The plight of the Corporate Woman: 4 Problems that Need to be Left behind

It is not a secret that there is male dominance in almost every corporate sector, but things have improved significantly in the last decade, as more women in business have come up and taken successful leadership roles to inspire the rest. Not everything is still fine and dandy though, as these three issues are quite a common set of problems that every experienced corporate woman has had to face at some point or other.

Lacking Confidence

As Menttium points out, most women would rather have 100% of the skills mentioned as necessary for a position or a promotion before applying, while most men would apply for those same jobs, even if they have as low as 60% of the criterions and requirements.

This is just one of the multiple other issues which the Menttium 100 Program addresses directly by mentoring women to be even more successful in corporate settings across various sectors. It is to be noted that fear of failure, hesitancy, and lacking aggression are all symptomatic of the same problem, which can be solved with proper mentoring.

Gender Inequality and Forced Gender Equality

Controversial as the matter is, it would not be inappropriate to state that some positions higher up on the corporate ladder are still at times closed off to women. On the other hand, there is also the question of gender-biased roles and decisions that are taken against the female worker’s career goals, as a result of social conditioning through the ages.

Perhaps the solution isn’t in forcing gender equality by reserving spots for women, but in simply letting the most qualified candidate for the specific job prevail. It needs to be done without letting the gender be a factor at all. The more gender equality is forced inside a corporate infrastructure, the higher are the chances of a female employee being discriminated against indirectly or thought of as undeserving.

Unrealistic Expectations from the Family

Speaking of gender-biased roles, maternity is usually when women in the corporate sector come to realize just how unfair the situation is for her. This is not to say that supportive families do not exist because they most certainly do. Even then, a large majority of the family members expect women to be a mother, wife/girlfriend and a successful business lady at the same time! Such unrealistic expectations from unsupportive families often indirectly force women to give up their hard-earned footing on the corporate ladder.

Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is not something that can be ignored because it certainly happens even today. Nevertheless, strict, legal measures have been put into place to prevent it. While it cannot be said that those measures and steps have eliminated harassment in the workplace completely, coworkers and managers are certainly more afraid of such allegations ruining their career now than they were before. Making anti-harassment training compulsory helps in reducing the chances of such incidents at the workplace.

The goal is to enable every corporate woman to reach their maximum potential by removing the obstacles in their path, which is certainly happening now. It will take time before things change even further, but it is clear that the change is already on its way.