Digital Marketing

The Tools You Need to Build a Brand

If you run a business or do any sort of consumer-focused work then you know how important it is to have a strong brand. If asked on the spot to define your business’ brand and target customer, could you come up with an answer?

Your brand is your voice and how you present your business, product, service, and ideas to the world. It is made up of your company name, tone, logo, tagline, typeface (yes, this matters), and the graphic design that goes into your materials. Your business can take measures to brand itself as creatively or traditionally as is fit. If you have apparel needs for promoting your brand through employee uniforms or sports jerseys, you can easily get high quality custom printed t shirts from reliable online provider, R&P Prints.

A thought-out brand identity establishes your business in the eye of the consumer and works to develop product recognition with your company name and what you do.


You can build your brand by building relationships with influencers and even other businesses. Think about your audience and who you’re trying to reach. If you specialize in custom t shirt design, find an influencer whose audience matches your target demographic and contact them for a potential collaboration.


This is one part of brand building that is sometimes overlooked. Consistency is important in how your brand presents itself and it applies to everything. This includes messaging, packaging, business cards, even the way your representatives make telephone calls. Consistency will ensure that all your messaging promotes the brand without certain stray messages putting out something different from your primary goals.

Consistency is also key in measuring your success. It’s important to keep control of your variables as you try different things to get the word out about our business. Say you’re making custom sweatshirts for the opening of your store.

Visual Identity

Think of some of your favourite brands. What comes into mind when you think of them? It’s likely an image of their logo or something to do with how the brand looks to the public. With t shirt printing Toronto services by your side, you can include your brand’s visual identity in your own t shirt designs. Custom apparel is an excellent way to promote your visual identity.

Whether you’re printing on shirts to make uniforms for your staff or you want to create a custom design for the guests of a special event, thinking visual will guide you through your branding process. What logos, symbols, and colours can you use across the board? Use those, stay consistent and set brand guidelines for colours using CMYK measurements. Colour actually plays a surprisingly important role in branding and keeping things consistent. When creating custom apparel or any branded items, do what you can to keep your colours consistent.

With a strong visual identity, you’ll continue to shape your brand. Most importantly you’ll establish the groundwork on which you can continue to experiment and develop your company’s identity. Good luck!