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Top 10 Online Sitemap Generators

Increasing one’s search engine ranking isn’t an easy job especially if you have a large competition to play against. While you are in the internet market you’ll realize just how difficult a job it is to maintain one’s position since the Worldwide Web is enormous and consists of a number of users. One of the best techniques introduced in search engine optimization has been the role of online sitemap generators in improving the visibility of your site. The fundamental purpose of sitemap generators is that they efficiently improve the quality of surfing by offering users a list of the best sites online. Once a website gets listed on the search engine, depending upon the page views or the traffic received by the site, there is a list of sites therefore presented by the sitemap that can easily improve your chances of being recognized.

In case you make any changes on the site and have a regular supply of updates then the search engine consisting of sitemap generator will automatically display your site. This form of informing users about the on-goings of your site is essential since it allows the traffic to increase where plenty of search engine crawlers get to visit your site. Visibility is what concerns the sitemap i.e. you will have better chances of being displayed on the search engine list if your visibility is high. It is recommended that if your site regularly updates information and undergoes modifications for suitable optimization then you should definitely upload an online sitemap generator.

Sitemap generators allow you to have a better chance of grabbing the attention of search engines after which your website can gain more traffic. It doesn’t matter how many web pages are present on your site, generators utilize extensible markup language mainly. This is a positive method of gaining recognition and promoting your services online. Using online sitemap generators offers a generous load of traffic that helps increase your brand visibility.

The top 10 Online Sitemap Generators are:

1. Audit My PC

One of the best sitemap generators available online is found at Audit My PC that offers anti-virus programs and firewall protection programs to users all over. It is adaptable with plenty of search engines like Bing, Google, and Yahoo etc offering solutions to your marketing problems online.

2. AutoMapIt


AutoMapIt sitemap generator can be installed specifically for the Google search engine. The only drawback is that it asks for a monthly fee however the services include a compressed XML based sitemap that improves ranking and recognition.

3. XML Sitemap Generator

XML Sitemap Generator offers to you a link through which you can easily generate a free sitemap that offers to improve your visibility with the search engine. All you have to do is create an account and then you may submit it to Google since it is specifically supportive of this search engine’s format.

4. ROR Sitemap Generator

ROR Sitemap Generator is a free tool where you can generate your sitemap using ROR which will combine all the required information of your site and compress it into a single file that should be submitted to search engines like Google for better optimization.

5. ScriptSocket Sitemap Generator

If you enjoy optimizing your web pages then creating a sitemap generator is the ideal means using ScriptSocket that is available for Google. It isn’t free and will definitely require a monthly fee.

6. SEO Utility Sitemap Generator

Another site- SEO Utility Sitemap generator is Italian in its foundation offers one of the best sitemap generators which have the potential of extracting more than 5000 URL’s from your web pages and produces a satisfactory list.

7. SiteMapDoc

Use Sitemapdoc tool right away because it offers exclusive features right from building the sitemap from scratch to editing it accordingly to your needs and requirements.

8. WriteMaps

With just clicks, WriteMaps allows designing a plan jumping out from the vague ideas. It makes you stay 100% converged with the plan rather than formatting nor time. Submit your sitemap with a URL and see the results. Avoid creating accounts and wasting time. This sitemap generator is added to the Google Search Engine and has been used for obtaining the best rank. Thereby it gains the highest recognition.

9. Dyno Mapper

Dyno Mapper makes planning and architecting of the website visually. For discovery, you can sort the web pages using Google Analytics. Their highlighting features are Content Inventory, Content Audit, Website Accessibility test, Keyword Tracking. All their reports are generated in PDF format. It makes your team stay alert and manage, customize, edit, share, track visual sitemaps.
All this is done to increase brand visibility.

10. Slickplan

Slickplan is an application planning system that puts everything at your fingertips. It involves making of website intuitive. It creates an interface that focuses mainly on the best part of making the website attractive for clients and customers.

All your webpage architecture can be designed using feature-rich sitemap builder in Slickplan. Drag-and-drop options simplify the complex options. It is then used to collaborate and share the website with others.


For fundamentally improving the quality of browsing offering a list of best online website, sitemap generators are mainly used. The above are a few mainly used sitemap generator websites which help indirectly in receiving huge demand in the visibility of the reader online.