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Why Editing Videos with VideoProc Can Save Your Time?

Do you enjoy watching videos on the internet? But did you know how much work goes into making these videos? It is more than just coming up with concepts and shooting the video. For every spectacular video that you enjoy the creators spend hours in editing it. If you’re a content creator you know how important and difficult it is to edit a video. With the evolution in technology more and more people have access to interesting gadgets such as 4K- high definition cameras, GoPro action cameras, drones, etc. These gadgets have changed the way people shoot videos. Not only that, mobiles are also coming with high definition cameras. So people can easily shoot a video. But the most challenging part of creating a video comes in the latter half i.e., editing. Most people find the video editing daunting because of two reasons, 

  • It can be overwhelming for them to start video editing
  • They get tired of dealing with all the unexpected errors that video editing brings

The common reasons include the editing software being expensive, the software not supporting certain formats of videos, the quality of the final product deteriorates, takes forever to convert large videos files, etc. All these issues can be quite annoying for the content creators and most importantly it will waste a lot of your time. But if you’re new to the video editing then even the thought of using the software can be quite hard. As you have zero experience using complicated editing softwares can be really hard.

Don’t you think it is high time that a video editing tool that deals with all these issues come into the market? With more and more people creating videos, it has become highly important for creators to find a video editing tool that is both intuitive and easy to use.

There is a video editing tool that addresses all these issues. VideoProc is a video editing tool that makes editing easy, it deals with all formats of videos. For most creators, coming up with an idea and creating a video that successfully delivers their idea to their audience should be the main focus. They should be able to put their worries about the editing behind. With this tool, they surely will, because it is fast, easy and reliable. 

Want to know more about VideoProc then stick till the end. Here are the features that make VideoProc special.

Save your time with full GPU Acceleration

VideoProc is a one-stop video editing software. It allows users to edit, resize, convert, adjust 4k/large videos, DVDs and audios easily. The best part is that it finishes the job at a fully accelerated pace. The reason behind this accelerated speed is, VideoProc comes with in-built level-3 GPU accelerated technology. It is fully powered by AMD, NVIDIA GPUs and Intel. This tool is the only GPU accelerated video editing software that makes editing of videos smooth and transcodes them without compromising on the quality. 

The GPU acceleration will speed up the decode and encode of the videos. It is 47x real-time faster. It auto-detects and utilizes the graphic card on your machine reducing the workload on the CPU by at least 40% to ensure fast and stable speed processing. VideoProc’s unique technology will speed up video processing and transcoding while also optimizing the video quality of the output and the file size. And works well with all the recent computers. Rest assured you can boost the speed of video editing without compromising on the quality of the video. 

Polish your videos with simple edits 

Simple edits can bring a huge difference to your final footage. With VideoProc you can easily crop, cut, merge or add other effects to make your final output shine. It is quite easy for you to add touch up’s and process your large 4k or HD videos. This software offers you simple tools such as cut, merge, crop, subtitle, rotate and effect. 


As you already know cutting is a highly common function that is highly common in video editing. It helps you in shortening your video or removing unnecessary parts of the video or rearrange the video in the new sequence. The cut is flexible and it really works well with any other editing operations. 


Merge helps you in joining different videos even if they’re in different formats. It allows you to merge videos while changing the aspect ratios, resolutions, playback speeds, file formats and video lengths. The best part is that you don’t have to worry about the A/V sync issues. It comes with the “MKV Multi-Track feature”. This unique feature will allow you to combine different audio/video/subtitle tracks into one single MKV file.


With the crop, you can highlight the focal points, remove the distracting parts, eliminate any black bars and improve the composition of the image. Not only that you can also expand or change the aspect ratios to meet the requirements of Instagram, Youtube, Widescreen Tv, etc. 


This tool offers users with diverse subtitle features such as disable, enable, choose subtitle language, add external subtitles (.ass, .ssa, .srt) to the videos, export subtitles for movies, track and search online for subtitles of a TV show or movies. 


This operation allows you to rotate your video right or left, 90, 180 or270 degrees in a single click. You can also mirror flip the video horizontally or vertically. 


Usually, effects bring a lot of visual beauty to the videos and images. With this operation, you can apply preset filters and visual effects such as Mirror, Grayscale, Edge, Painting. You can sharpen the video tracks, style and artify your videos, contrast, gamma, saturation, hue and fine-tine colours also.

Easy and Advanced toolbox 

Be it a beginner or a pro, this video editor will make editing 4k or large videos highly easy. It makes editing a streamlined workflow with all the operations available in the toolbox. From stabilizing video to enhance video it offers different editings that will help you in making your video perfect. Stabilize video helps you in stabilizing the shaky videos taken with iPhone, GoPro, etc. To correct the fisheye lens distortion of the footage from action cam video you have Fix Fisheye. 

With remove noise, you can reduce or remove the unwanted wind/background noise easily. Making GIFs, resizing images and extracting jpg/png from a video is easy with Make GIF. With Add Watermark you can add the text, image, logo or timecode watermarks to your video. You can build single or multiple M3U8 playlists with multiple or single .ts files for HTTP streaming with Create M3U8. Without encoding you can pass through the video streams into MKV with MakeMKV. Lastly, Enhance video will adjust playback speed, force a/v sync and audio volume of your video. 

Media converter and compatibility 

The best part about this video editing software is that it is compatible and works well with any videos shot using iPhone, DJI, GoPro, camcorder or any other 4k cameras. No more shaking or Wobbling GoPro videos. VideoProc is skilled at processing Go-pro videos. Not only that it provides iPhone users with a variety of features to edit and transcode their videos. 

VideoProc not only edits videos but it is also a quality-oriented high-speed converter. This media converter is the world’s no.1 video convertor. It answers all the transcoding needs of the users. With this media converter, you can compress the large videos 90% with only a pixel-quality difference. From video to DVD, you can convert anything. 

Built-in media downloader engine

This software supports 1000+ audio and video sites. So you can download the music playlists, online videos from these supported sites. It allows you to record live streams, convert the downloaded video, batch download the videos, search subtitles online along with the proxy server. Not only that, VideoProc also comes with a screen recorder component too. 

If you’re a gaming enthusiast who wants to record the game then VideoProc is your go-to software. It provides you with 3 recording modes, resizable window and utility tools. Be it webinars, skype call, vlogs, podcasts, screencasts, etc record them with VideoProc and interact with your audience seamlessly. 

Who is this suitable for?

Be it beginners or professionals anybody can use this software to edit their videos. This software caters to the needs of the content creators. Creating content is not an easy job, from the inception to the final output there is a lot of work involved. So for beginners with no prior editing knowledge VideoProc is the best as this intuitive interface is easy to navigate through. With this tool, your finished product will make you look like an expert. However, for professionals who are looking for a video editing tool that saves time and speeds up the editing process then VideoProc is the go-to software. Use this tool to edit your video and deliver your idea perfectly to your audience. 

Check out this video to understand more about VideoProc


VideoProc is the best in the business, you can encode, resize, record or edit media files with super speed. You can either download the free version or buy the full version. If you purchase the full version, it will provide you with lifetime free upgrade, immediate delivery, priority tech support and 100% security. The windows full version is compatible for Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (32 bit and 64 bit). VideoProc is offering 3 plans each for both Mac and Windows users. Choose a plan that best matches your requirements. Wondering what if you’re not satisfied with this software? Although with all the amazing features offered you will surely be satisfied. In case you’re not, then you will get your money back within 30 days of the purchase.


One year license (1 Mac) – $29.95

Lifetime License (1 Mac)- $42.95

Family License (2-5 Mac’s/ Lifetime)- $57.95


One year license (1 PC) – $29.95

Lifetime License (1 PC)- $42.95

Family License (2-5 PC/ Lifetime)- $57.95


VideoProc has been making big waves. This tool is the perfect video editing tool currently available in the market. With its full GPU acceleration and other editing tools, you can easily edit, convert, resize and adjust your videos. Thanks to VideoProc editing is no longer a daunting task, it is so simple that even beginners can use this software comfortably. This tool is trusted by more than 200+ authority sites globally. So get this tool and put an end to your video editing worries.

Happy editing!!!