Tips for Starting a New Post Production Company

The filmmaking industry is brimming with talented filmmakers. Over the years, the industry has seen a rise in independent filmmakers starting their own production companies. Like any art form, filmmaking can be a lucrative business, but it can also come at a great cost. There are countless types of video services that clients pay for, from event video services to independent films. Keep the following tips in mind when starting a new post-production company.

Find a space to set up a studio.

Storage units can be used for more than just the peace of mind of knowing that your personal belongings and possessions are being stored securely. A storage facility with 24-hour access is also a great option for setting up a studio that doesn’t maintain normal office hours. The first step in finding a storage space with enough storage capacity for your setup is to search for 24 hour storage facilities at U.S. Self Storage.


You can find storage facilities in cities throughout the United States and make a reservation online and receive a discount on your first month of rent. Compare 24-hr storage prices based on important features such as climate control, easy access, different storage unit sizes, and security options. Save hundreds on your monthly studio rent by opting to set up in a 24-hour access self-storage unit.

Understand your post-production possibilities.

Video editing can be a time and labor-intensive process, but working with the right video editing software and equipment significantly speeds up the process. As any video editor knows, raw footage takes up a lot of random access memory and makes your operating system and graphics card work hard. The best way to have a smooth workflow and an enjoyable editing experience is to use the right kind of processor and have sufficient CPU.


You should invest in good CPU when building your video editing setup. The CPU is the brain of the computer, the processor that ensures the computer is functioning properly. Some video editing software relies on GPU acceleration which is why having a powerful CPU is necessary to produce the best video quality. When it comes to the best processor for video editing you will find Amd Ryzen and Intel Core CPUs at the top of any list.

Not all CPUs specialize in video editing, so pay attention to the specs. Video editing software relies on multiple cores and threads, clock speed, the number of PCIe lanes, and memory and random access memory. Choosing the right CPU can reduce your workloads and result in better performance.

Devise a film distribution strategy.

All of the work spent producing a film is for nothing if you don’t have a distribution strategy in place. The amount of filmmaking gear available opens the door to endless creativity but it’s more challenging to find profitable distribution. Your distribution strategy should clearly define your filmmaking goals, including a publicist who can promote your films to critics, reporters, and social media. You also need to define your target audience, consider local and international agents and representatives, which established distributors to make traditional distribution deals with, and how to retain all or most of the rights to your work.


Utilizing the right transcription software can help you keep track of various forms of communication. Rev API is a transcription software with several use cases including text transcripts of phone conversations, sales call analytics, transcripts of meeting minutes, text transcripts of legal dictations, and voice dictations-to-emails. The API produces formatted text that allows users to define speakers, edit text, use macros, and other hotkeys. Formatted text can be saved and output into a specific .docx report up to hundreds of pages long. EnderTech provides useful key integration points when it comes to API integration basics. Taking advantage of an API system can streamline the workload of the transcription process so that you can focus on other post-production duties.

Keeps these tips in mind when starting a new post-production company. When done right, a post-production company can be a rewarding and lucrative pursuit.