Tips to Source Products from China to Sell Online

Over the past few decades, customers have changed their way to shop. E-commerce businesses and online merchants are keeping up to customers’ comfort and convenience. Customers constantly search, compare and purchase the products from online websites, apps and social media platforms. With advancement technology, customers are placing and tracking their package at their fingertips.

There are multiple reasons why many merchants are switching to e-commerce business as a major source of income. Starting an online business is cost-effective. More than 87% of customers shop on popular websites such as Amazon and eBay. Selling your products online is the best way to reach new and existing customers.

Let’s keep things simple, the more platforms you sell, the more customers you can reach. If you want to drive better revenue, your products should resonate with customers as well. Therefore proper researching and product sourcing are important to your success. Small and large merchants source their products from China. But why? The products are pretty cheaper than in other places. China has a huge supplier base with excellent customer support. On the other hand, the manufacturing cost is low.

If you’re a newbie to the e-commerce world and wondering how to source products from China? No more worries!!! You’re not alone. Stick till the end.

Following are the hand-picked tips to source products from China to sell online

Research and select a good product

Research should be your first step while sourcing the products from China. Never ever skip this step if you’re planning to run a profitable business. Finding a good product is important. Brainstorm the products, research the market and choose the right product. Choosing a trending product is a better idea. Search the trending products on Amazon and eBay. Researching the right product before will end up investing your time and money in an unnecessary product that nobody requires. Hence it’s important to perform market research and choose the right product.

Find the best supplier

Once you’ve selected your product, it’s time to source the product from the best supplier in China. It’s crucial to research the trusted supplier in China to avoid scams. The process for researching the supplier is pretty straightforward. Visit Alibaba website, it’s the one-stop destination that connects you with tons of trusted suppliers in China. No matter whether you’re looking to source a laptop or chair, Alibaba will connect with qualified manufacturers without any hassles. Now, you need to choose four or five suppliers that have similar products.

Contact them and ask them to provide a price quote and delivery time. Instant response is important while sourcing the products. Don’t choose the merchant that takes weeks to respond to your message. Because these merchants often delay in manufacturing and shipment, this will make your customer unhappy.

Visit trade shows and companies

Another great way to find the best suppliers is to visit China. Yes, you’ve heard it right. Visit trade shows and manufacturers directly to save your money by reaching out to middle-men. When you meet the supplier directly, you can build better long-lasting relationships. Invite the supplier to the dinner and sign a deal.


As a purchasing expert, you should aim to be in negotiation successfully with the Chinese manufactures to get the best price of the product. It’s no surprise that product prices at Chinese suppliers are often cheaper when compared to other countries. Since the Chinese supplier manufacturers produce massive quantities of products at the cheapest price. Ordering bulk products is the smart move to source products from China. 

Choose the right supplier that offers products at a low price. You need to discuss the location, delivery duration and payment method. 

Order samples

Ordering samples for quality check is your next goal. Request the product sample and wait for the arrival. In this downtime, you can work on other important aspects such as copywriting, email marketing and more.

When you’ve finally received your samples, it’s time to inspect the sample products. Make sure to inspect a minimum of ten or fifteen samples to ensure quality. Check the quality levels of the sample products and note down if any defects appeared. If you’re okay with the samples, you can contact the manufacturer and proceed further. If you’re no longer satisfied with the samples, request the manufacturer for changes until the product meets your requirements and expectations.

Postal services

Once you’re satisfied with the sample products, order a mass volume of products and sell them online. An important note, approaching postal service is as important as choosing the right manufacturer. Because the trusted postal service will deliver your products without any hassles. You don’t need to worry about product damage or loss. Post Track is the powerful Parcel Manager and Parcel Tracker platform available online. It is a reliable solution that enables you to deliver products safely. Post Track is offering its services around the world. With the incredible China Post Tracking, you can track products from China. All you need to do is enter the tracking number and click on “Track”. That’s it!!! Find the parcel location and estimated delivery time instantly.

List the products online

Once you’ve received your products, it’s time to list them on Amazon, eBay and other popular platforms. The more sites you list, the more profits you can earn. Create a seller account, display the products to your customers. You need to pay a fee for displaying your products on the e-commerce sites. While listing your products, you should add clear images, product description and how-to-use videos for customer’s better understanding. As the popular e-commerce sites such as Amazon and eBay have a huge number of customers, you can sell the products within a short period of time.

Apart from listing your products on e-commerce sites, you can also sell your products on other platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Craigslist and more.

Re-order or pivot

If you are making excellent profits by selling your products online, you’re on the right track. In case, you’re not generating good revenue and losing your money on every product, it’s time to think again. When you proceed with the same retailer, you’re keeping yourself at a high risk. 

If you’re in a doubt, it’s better to pivot. Yes, you’ve heard it right. Sell the remaining products and use the money to buy another product. Start again from scratch, choose the best manufacturer and try your luck.

Wrapping up

Online selling is sky-rocketing. Sellers are selling their products across the world, removing geographical limitations. Sourcing the products from China is the right move. But while sourcing the products, there are many things to consider. Hope the above tips to sourcing products from China will be helpful. Keep a note, researching is the key to success, spend time on researching the right product and right manufacturer. This way, you can watch the sales rolling and accordingly earning will grow dramatically.