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Top 10 Accounting Software for Small and Medium Business

In the modern times, managing business accounts is not just about making entries in the credit and debit columns of the accounts register calculating expense and profit figures. The complex and sophisticated nature of business today has made account handling equally complex. Even for small and medium businesses, bookkeeping is no longer a simple job.
However thanks to the wide range of accounting software designed specifically to cater to the needs of small and medium businesses, managing accounts are no longer a cumbersome task. Discussed below are ten topmost accounting software which can be used by small and medium businesses.

1. Sage Peachtree Complete Accounting

Sage all-inclusive accounting software that provides various features to cover all aspects of a business. It can be used for managing payrolls, vendors, reports, cash flow and even electronic banking details besides which it can reproduce transaction details and create reports and analyses. It simplifies everyday tasks and gives perfect insights which indirectly helps in saving the money. It provides security beyond the performed services.

2. QuickbooksPro

QuickbooksPro is the most popular accounting software being used in recent time. It can be easily installed and used and is designed with the aim of simplifying the various accounting ad bookkeeping tasks. This software comes with an auto-fill function and a tool that enables fast import of data for speedy production of invoices and vouchers.
Their powerful tools help in boosting any business workflow. Experience the visibility of statuses while invoicing that make them stay on the top of the cash flow. Cloud QuickBooks Hosting on a cloud desktop with add-ons such as TSheets and Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus is one of the most popular technique being used by bookkeepers. Learn more about Office 365 Hybrid Migration.

3. Turbo Cash

TurboCash is an open source accounting program which offers features such as managing inventory, stock pricing and quotes, invoices, and point of sale etc. The program is designed to support more than one user and access controls. It is quite simple and easy to use and comes with a nominal yet good-looking user interface.
It acts as a creditor, debtor, double entry accounting standards in the process of invoicing, desktop general ledger, cash book, Stock.

4. GnuCash

GnuCash is another open source accounting software, which despite being designed for use by small business features a perfect double-entry accounting system. This helps in an easy transition to complex accounting when the business grows. The software is capable of handling accounts receivables and payables, invoices, credit and loan accounts etc. It suffers from the drawback of not having point-of-sale or payroll functions.

5. SQL Ledger

SQL Ledger is web-based cross-platform software that is perfect for use in shops and stores. It enables users to perform tasks such as generation of purchase orders, POS controls, management of inventory, and lists of packing, vouchers, and access for the multiple users in more than one location. Being web-based it requires a web server along with a SQL server for work.

6. Compiere

Compiere is a cloud-based ERP accounting software and CRM offered by Aptean. The basic features that Compiere offers include project accounting, e-commerce, order management, materials accounting, etc. It offers functions for enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management and is capable of supporting multi-currency transactions. Not only the ERP solutions but Compiere also enlarges its core functionalities. With no any minimal programming experience, any customer can easily customize their solutions according to their business need.

7. XTuple PostBooks

xTuple PostBooks is yet another open source software that has been designed for typical small businesses. Its modular design combines the features of accounting, purchase, manufacturing, sales, and inventory control etc. The software offers multi-user and multi-location access and also enables users to manage tasks such as shipments and receipts, assembly lines, quote generation, task management etc.

8. AccountEdge

AccountEdge software is designed specifically for Windows, and Mac users and is really fast. In addition, it offers a wide range of functions and features and despite having a simple interface it provides a collection of in-depth functions related to financial management and inventory control. For making purchases and sales, tracking and building inventory, managing contacts, time and bills, Accountedge is a best solution for many small-medium businesses.

9. FreshBooks

FreshBooks Accounting Software is a popular online application for accounting that has been specially designed for the small businesses and features simple ways to handle diverse tasks that include printing, price quotes sending and also invoices along with, sharing of documents for business and reports. Any small business can perform their accounting activities easy and comfortable with FreshBooks. It reduces the unwanted time waste that happens in the manual accounting duties.

10. Outright

Outright is owned GoDaddy recently and it is one of the best web-based accounting programs designed especially for micro-businesses which don’t have to handle payroll or inventory control tasks. Its small and clean interface helps in easy integration with related services and can be used for managing credit card transactions.
It allows you to sink Etsy, eBay, Amazon, Paypal seller accounts to their online bookkeeping. It is also flexible in simplifying the tax time and enhance track sales, creates invoices.


For any business dealing with the HR and invoicing duties and planning to maintain a better relationship, all the above software can justify their needs and requirements. Keeping a track of every single activity in sales and management is their end-goal.