Top 10 Must Have Tools For PPC Success

Are you trying hard to increase your marketing techniques so as to obtain a high ranking on the internet? One of the best ways of gaining recognition is by using PPC website tools that allow users to maintain their ranking on the web. You have to promote your website using different skills or techniques online therefore if you’re looking towards marketing your work then affiliate programming has always been one of the very best methods possible. So here are a set of tools with respect to pay per click options that are available on certain websites and should be used while customizing your page.
If properly used, these tools will help you gather traffic and recognition by the search engines. Once the brand name of your website becomes popular there is no stopping just how much your services will be in demand. Increase the effectiveness of your site using these tools available on websites that are absolutely free of cost. If you wish to improve the performance of your campaigns then switch over to free PPC website tools that are cost-effective and will help you save time in the marketing approaches. There are a multitude of options made available in order to not just improve the ranking of your site but to also allow you to interact with the traffic online.
This will help you in creating a network of your own where you can understand what your audience expects from you. With automated tools present on the affiliate programs that have been established for yourself, you can focus easily upon increasing the brand name and efficiency through these tools online.
Here are the top 10 Free PPC Tools that everyone must try:

1. Google

This particular search engine consists of different tools generated to improve optimization of your page. Popularly used tools are Google Ad Words Editor, Google Analytics, Google Website Optimizer, and several others. These tools allow the users to gain an estimate about ranking, visibility, number of visits etc.
Google Keyword Research tool helps you in getting the finest keywords for the focusing while developing content for website or blog in terms of SEO.

Google Analytics gives insights about the website traffic and helps you in knowing how the audience are navigating the website or blog.
Google Adwords is a product of Google PPC. This helps you in testing the keyword variations using PPC that tells which keyword is ranking more in the Google search engine.
Similarly, there are many tools powered by Google that are helpful for almost all the techniques of digital marketing.

2. iSpionage

iSpionage is such a tool that helps you generate keywords that are popularly used for optimizing your page. Basically, in order to improve content, you can generate a number of keywords much in demand.

It helps you find the most profitable keywords which work faster with the competitor PPC keyword list. You can know how others are spending the amount on Adwords per month. It helps you know how the advertisers group their ads, landing pages, and keywords. With their Proprietary Keyword Effectiveness Index, you can identify the most profitable competitors.

3. Ad Words Wrapper

Efficient, fast and meant for creating match types, word wrapper is skilled at producing content/keywords with significant sources. This will allow you to confirm your set of programs.

AdWords Wrapper is the original version of Google that wraps the phrases in quotation marks and square braces for the Google Adwords Campaigns. It doesn’t require any captcha for using the Adwords Wrapper. If you enter any text, this tools gives you 7 different sets of phrases accurately that can be used in the campaigns.

4. Semrush

Semrush gives you insights about the strategies of the competitor with respect to the display advertising, link building, and paid and organic search. It helps you find the competitor’s best-chosen keywords, track the changes in position for different domains.

You will find that the tool is efficient at providing information about a website and gives an idea about ranking as well.It displays about your online Rival’s keywords and Ad copies. It helps you to localize the Ad Campaigns. New and fresh competitors in Bing Ads were also known using this tool.

5. Search Engine Journal

Search Engine Journal has a complete guide for PPC marketing basics that give you in-depth details and information about fundamentals of PPC. There are many blogs that describe the context and the new updates and solutions of PPC.

The main purpose of this smart tool is that it promotes marketing of your site by providing several options for advertising. A complete set of tools are made available consisting of audience intelligence, page visits, keyword density etc meant for the purpose of improving ranking.

6. Similar Web

Similar Web is a website that is a marketing intelligence that gives solution for marketing, sales, research, investors. It has API integration and Similar Web Platforms as its products that help you obtain the right results of keywords that gain you profit from various sources.It helps you find the top performing keywords, build new keyword groups, track competitors performance, optimize Landing Pages, expand GDN Campaigns, optimize the Ads.

If you have content that consists only of primary keywords then the efficiency of your marketing technique will not bring you substantial results. If you wish to use keywords in the right manner then you should use this tool where primary keywords will be mixed into a set of switched keywords. So you obtain a long list of keywords.

7. Campaign Match

Campaign Match is another great resource that comprises of tools that help you find keywords on the internet. This tool allows you to seek out all those keywords that are being used popularly. It certainly helps to improve ranking and visibility online.

It helps to lessen the time in finding the profitable landing page conversion funnel and ad that matches the user intent. It helps you to check the page conversion results and allows you to determine the variables that were tested within the industry.

8. Word Tracker

One of the most beneficial PPC assets is having a tool that generates misspellings and offers a variety of keyword oriented options. It helps you find the relevant keywords that are fit for your stronger content and that makes your website rank on the top. You can search the difficulty of the competition using this tool within multiple sources like Amazon, Youtube.

Wordtracker is designed totally for Adwords rather than SEO. So the metrics and results were totally determined in terms of paid searches. You can get 10,000 keywords per search which are related to the keywords and pages that can be optimized to outrank among the competition.

9. Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo allows testing the competitor’s search and domain for the most shared content. You can find and filter the content with respect to the traffic and the obtained shares. They provide alerts that specify the updates. It helps you to find the list of shares and is allowed to check who is using the shared content.

A keyword list is built specifically with the search options which can be modified. For a given keyword it shows the competition among many different channels like Facebook, Reddit, Pinterest and so on.

10. Spyfu

It provides a competitive approach towards keyword research and analysis. It helps to identify when and where you might be falling in your marketing techniques especially by providing keyword lists that are fresh and newly updated.
For your successful competitors, SpyFu exposes the search marketing secrets that can increase your ranking.

Adwords Competitor Keyword Spy tool allows you to download the PPC keywords very simply, monitors the PPC competitors, provide negative match recommendations for PPC, and many more tools are in-built that makes your search possibilities complete.


PPC essentially is a way of getting visits to any website, instead of trying to earn the visits organically. Search engine advertising is the popular methods of PPC. Hence for making the website rank top on the search engine, many strategies have to be followed. All the above websites give an in-depth detail about how the competitors are ranking on the top and help you to analyze the fault in your campaign and ensure them to be cleared using different methods of PPC.