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Top 10 Social Media Monitoring Websites

There are professionals in the internet market and then there are amateurs who don’t have the slightest idea about the tips and tricks that are available on the internet for promoting one’s website. When we refer to social media marketing it is the process where social networks are analyzed to pick out any reference made about your site and services. In simple words, it is a kind of buzz analysis being recorded about the reviews of your website. This mode of keeping reviews, comments and listing about your site allows you to have an idea about the site’s progress in the online market. You’ll also be able to make convenient changes in the website to suit the requirements of your visitors for a better approach towards marketing your work.
This is why you should search out the best websites that offer social media monitoring that brings live updates about the current progress of your site. It contains reviews, remarks, and citations being made about your site. The social media network is always large with too many visitors to keep track of. Don’t get misled by the name because a website that provides social media monitoring covers all aspects of networking sites. Right from searching for information written in different languages to specific queries, you can gain all the access you want to the traffic feed. Span alert systems are also present on such websites that offer to analyze the social media content online. So if you’re looking for the best sites providing analysis and monitoring, you shouldn’t hesitate to try out the following.
Here are the top 10 Websites Providing Social Media Monitoring:

1. Union Metrics

It is a social intelligence designed by many marketing teams that generates creativity and passion. Union Metrics enables with social media platforms to empower the audience and grow business. There are 350,000+ marketers who choose Union Metrics for their social media monitoring. All the products of Union Metrics are used by 60% of the top 100 global brands and 75% of PR firms in the USA and many Small-medium businesses.

It quickly adapts social media changes with several capabilities. It provides many social media strategies that can improve any businesses. All there flexible plans and packages meet the demands of any social media. It allows you to compare and test the tools with other social monitoring tools.

2. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a popular tool that is trusted by more than 800 of the best1000. Get to know how Hootsuite helps you in scheduling, managing, finding, reporting social media content quickly.

Another social media monitoring device, it has evolved from its financial constitution to a versatile medium for collecting social media information. It helps you to maintain spam emails and strategize your marketing skills for increased sales. Reporting with Hootsuite is used to measure the impact of all the social media campaigns. It measures the paid and unpaid ROI.

3. Lithium

Unique, accurate and swift in its responses, Lithium ensures that specific information is monitored on the web. It will collect information from a number of sources and will provide strategic options such that you can advance with your marketing accordingly. If this isn’t enough, ScoutLabs is now a part of the Lithium program initiating increased monitoring.

This monitoring platform combines powerful response and publishing features for providing better marketing and customer service experience. It works for many industries like retail, financial services, tech, communications, travel, and hospitality.

4. Sysomos

Sysomos website offers exclusive dibs on snapshots that cover media-based conversations online. Apart from organizing the tasks, it allows you to engage with suitable and influential sponsors. It also provides to users media analysis of the information posted online.

Sysomos assists 1200+ customers from the top companies and global trademarks in the world. Their basic strategy of monitoring social media is search, discover, listen, publish, engage, analyze. It is the easiest way to drive insights of social media networks.

5. Sprout Social

Reach great heights with the Sprout Social potential marketing strategies if you want to increase sales of your business. Monitor what is being talked about and what is the buzz on everyone’s mind to pitch in your comments. Market your brand and help it to reach across a larger audience. Using text analytics, it aids in the automation of incoming media sources.

There are more than 2400 customers around many organizations and world-class brands of all sizes. It achieved the highest rating with its support, usability, retention, and satisfaction. It is treated as an award-winning service with its reliable, quick, and personalized customer support. It is the fastest service to obtain the best social media solutions and measures.

6. Sendible

The CEO of Sendible social media monitoring website is Daniel Knowlton. It allows organizing posts, comments on the media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Flicker also allowing to manage the responses at any place. Instant messages are highlighted. Social media analyzing helps to focus on user priorities with the instant responses. It reclaims the post automatically.
Help in connecting with the other online communities to analyze, track the posts and email campaigns eventually measure the shared success.

7. Crimson Hexagon

It has access to conversations that based on your website’s services. Providing you with a set of options, you can understand the audience better to improve brand recognition. The qualitative and quantitative analysis provided helps determine brand decisions.

It revealed a new version of Crimson Hexagon‘s Flagship deep Analytics tool to be more advanced in getting notified about the crises and events very soon. It provides insights into customer surveys, support tickets, news articles, blog posts, product reviews and so on.

8. Agora Pulse

Agora pulse saves time and money due to its sincere concern is focused on human relationships, not on the business relationship which enhances the productivity. At a lesser price, it provides Facebook contest apps and competitor analysis. Agora Pulse operates on many tools that specify the needs and analysis of social media activities.
It is the best tool that serves to monitor responses and mentions to get Social Inbox Zero. The Facebook Barometer is an instant approach to get a research on engagement levels, CTR and so on.

9. Webtrends

Webtrends offers functions that are aimed at measuring and monitoring the brand audience. Depending upon the kind of services you’ve picked, the price of the package is calculated. It offers partnered foundation for building traffic and increasing brand recognition.

10. Spredfast


If you want complete social media management, Spreadfast monitoring service aggregates conversations from multiple media sources. It differentiates the information into positive and negative feed making it easier for you to understand the level of the audience and their requirements.


All the above-mentioned websites are meant to deliver the quality measures of social media platforms that are used by any type of business. Try to watch each and every demo they provide and have a basic idea of what they actually provide. Don’t stick on to one monitoring platform, try implementing as many social media strategies with all the available platforms to know the pros and cons very clearly.