Top 10 Open Source Platforms To Create Your Own Social Networking Website

Social networking sites and henceforth social media has contributed a lot to the way we react and share things. It has contributed a lot to our communication skills, the way we promote and the way we live. Linking with each other through the social networking sites like linked in, facebook and twitter were never that easy. Some of the advantages that social media have brought into our lives might have gone unnoticed. But this huge popularity has paved way for various websites to pop up and join the crowd.

Get closer to your loved ones on their birthdays!

Social networking sites to act as a wonderful reminder. On the birthdays of your friends, a special message saying the same come popping up in the right corner of the newsfeed. This makes you wish them on their special day or email them. This shows them that you still care for them thus improving the relationship with your loved ones.

“Hassle of maintaining a photo album solved!”

Social media photo albums have emerged as the great way to share your best moments, photos and images with your friends digitally. In fact, social media photo albums are better than the conventional method of maintaining albums in a pretty number of ways. Sharing albums on social media sites help in storing unlimited photos, tagging the ones who are there in the picture, commenting and likes and a lot more.

“Getting connected with your old friends again”

There would be so many friends whom you are not in contact due to various reasons. Some changed school, some changed the city and so on. But social networking sites like Facebook have reconnected all of them. You may discover your friends in “people you may know” and can also search manually. However, the privacy settings can always be controlled. You may restrict the facebook server from searching you and entering your network.
“Invite people to an event with a click!”
You can easily create a social event and can easily invite people to the same. All the information like the venue and the timings can be easily provided. In addition, you may also get a rough figure of how many people are going to attend the event. And in turn, concerned people can inform the host regarding same.

These are the reasons why social networking sites are so much in popularity today. If you are also thinking to launch a social networking site of your own, here we have provided you with a list of best open source platforms which will let you create your own social networking site easily.

1. BuddyPress

BuddyPress is being owned by Automatic and is more popularly called as networking in a box. This platform has almost all the features which are necessary to start a WordPress powered self-hosted social network of your own.

It helps you create a campus social-network for school, college, or university. It stands as an internal communication tool for any company. For very specific interest groups, it allows creating niche social networks. It helps to build focused communities for promoting products/services.

2. Dolphin

It is another content management system that is ideal for creating dating websites, web communities, and social networking. This CMS comes handy with emails, chat rooms, video players, file sharing etc.

Dolphin provides you with a solution to browse all the tabs at a single place. It helps you discover more with the Flash support. It allows sharing and sync with the Evernote, Facebook, Box, and more. A smart voice search is also included with a quick access to the options and bookmarks and is compatible with any device.

3. Elgg

Elgg runs on LAMP platform and is very powerful. It can easily create a social networking site. It is an award-winning source for social networking with a framework to build any kind of social platform for your campus of friends and family, school and college to build a brand for any company and their clients.

4. Jcow

With easy to integrate capability or social media network, Jcow is yet another powerful content management system. It provides 100% source code, a white label content. A friendly and clean UI and Facebook login templates are also available.

It has a capacity of encouraging multiple languages with a different set of modules and plugins. It can be used to integrate SMTP and has control over Google Map. It supports SPAM Dynamic Cache and Inline Ads. it helps to promote news and continue blogging while posting images and videos of different events.

5. HumHub

It is a social network kit that is suitable and becomes a perfect platform for Social Intranets, Enterprise Social Networks, and Private Social Networks. For communication and collaboration, this tool is more useful.

HumHub is user-friendly and comes with a lightweight interface. Using this platform you can create social networks and applications that are customizable for your needs. You can thereby boost your business and support customers and bring success.

6. Peoplepods

It is the favorite software for developers. It is flexible and provides a variety of options and tools which can be utilized for a flexible website development.

Peoplepods allows you to create a POD that fits your needs with backend command center. It can be installed in any server and is MYSQL and PHP friendly. For every install, JSON API is added.

7. Oxwall

Being used for a variety of websites, Oxwell is coded in PHP and MySQL. It is developed in 2010 by the strong team and is responsible to evelop many site projects. Today it is been stated as an outsider community.
It helps in creating Facebook-like newsfeed, Photo sharing, Groups, forums, blogs, Activity notifications, User roles, permissions, paid Advertisement, Profile/content balance and many more.

8. Mono

If you are looking for the latest ASP design, Mono is for you. Mono provides software design and development related services to any clients around the world allowing to transform big thoughts into excellent products. Baasic, eCTD office, clokke are their products. Its been since 15 years broad and strong business expertise that helps business analysts, developers, and testers to produce custom software.

9. Horatu CMS

Hotaru CMS is being coded in PHP and can be easily used. Social bookmarking is made flexible with different plugins and themes, which can transform your site to the next level. Most of the designers, developers, and users group in the forums to explore help and propose distinct features and endeavor free support.

10. Flock


Build your esteemed community with the best platform-Flock. From different social innovations like web conferencing and instant messaging to designing channels and combining with your desired external apps like MailChimp, Google, Dropbox, Trello, Jira, and more together. It is a strong tool that comes packed with built-in highlights like Reminders, Shared To-Dos, Polls, Notes, and many more.


All the above platform are compatible with mobile are responsive. Create interfaces and memories with your friends and family that lasts for a long life with different social media collaboration platforms.