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Top 10 Press Release Distribution Sites

Press releases have been in the history of internet marketing since ages and if you’re still using them then your ranking will remain ever-present. One of the ideal means of gaining maximum traffic is through a press release to obtain valuable publicity for your site. This sort of media coverage through press releases is absolutely useful especially if you have bulk loads of competition in the market. As an enterprise, the technique of using press releases to promote your company’s website is apt for the reason that it is simple, inexpensive and provides coverage for small scale to large scale industries. Every surfer online likes to be updated about a website’s changes, therefore, press releases are very useful.

If you have a company profile online, press releases signify the kind of services that you sell. A press release will update users and the search engines about the newest technology that has been introduced into the firm. This kind of internet marketing strategy is highly useful especially since it attracts traffic and search engine crawlers. Boosting the ranking of your website is just one of the final results that you obtain. The visibility of your site on major search engines will become prominent especially since press releases are a form of professionally claiming your skills online. If you want to be regarded as an expert online then through press releases that have quality made matter defining the exact purpose and news of your site will enhance media coverage.

Extremely well-written press releases are highly useful at maximizing the spread of the news. Search engines pick up on such press releases and efficiently promote sites. If you’re a company based website then a press release will not just lend your customers but will also improve your visibility for the investors present online. Since the online industry has become the pedestal for buyers meeting sellers, therefore, investors will certainly come across the site and the latest inventories to invest their finances into your services. If you can find the ideal press release distribution site that allows you to improve ranking through the distribution of press releases, it won’t be a surprise to watch your website become popular and filled with customers.

Top 10 Press Release Distribution Sites

1. 1888PressRelease

Go through this media based website that allows you to post your press releases. One of the best advantages of this site is that it is free of cost and also provides ad-support to further increase the marketing width of your business. They gained about 80,000 satisfied users and 150,000 approved press releases till today. They have a pricing structure starting from $25.

1888PressRelease distribution service(free) is used by many individuals and businesses. They are responsible for offering free press release distribution with many writing tips. You can start using its free version and know its essence.

2. ClickPress

If you’re looking for maximum exposure then you should post your press releases on this site that supports search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN etc. It distributes your work to such SEO friendly domains.

Click Press team has renovated the entire site to a new design that offers long-term exposure for the content to the editorials all around the globe. Try submitting a news and get the immediate response.

3. Free-Press-Release-Center

Thinking of setting up your business to increase your sales? An online profile that posts press releases on FPRC site is bound to obtain recognition since it offers web pages with a single keyword link into your site.

A press release distribution and online news service for every sized business and corporate communications. Raising standards for news distribution is their end-goal.

4. Newswire

Gaining media coverage will become easier once you post your press release on this site since allows cost friendly distribution. In simple words, you can post your news for free. Newswire website allows you to discover and monitor industry updates and trends that are happening through excellent tracking analytics. Try implementing their influence marketing that results in best results.

5. PRUrgent

Fear not about time and money! PRUrgent takes the responsibility of providing that amount of exposure to your site especially since it teaches users how to format a press release. It has gained 11 years of experience maintaining a crystal clear database in press releases. Releasing any Press News is made easy with their simple and effective guidelines. You can register for free and look into various options.

6. PressMethod

Another major source of press release distribution where you can for free you can post your matter online. Based on the content that you publish additional services are provided to improve ranking.

PressMethod follows local and international trends and the most appropriate news that continuously creates a scope in readers who visit the page. It covers every single attribute that terminates the user’s behavior and interest.

7. PRLeap

One of the assets of using this site is that it posts a press release for free to newswires, directories, search engines, and RSS feeds. It will support Ad distribution as well to enhance your visibility.

PRLeap website helps you reach customers, influencers, and bloggers even if you don’t have experience. It is also suggested to pay per the subscribe and release by saving up to 39%.

8. EcommWire


Ecomm Wire focuses entirely on promoting e-commerce websites where you will be required to post an image; keyword oriented description as well as your links. High beneficial for advertising the latest products on your website.
Register yourself for submitting a press release to more than 40 press releases websites with their effective submission service. It has got 95933 Alexa ranking.

9. TheOpenPress

One of the widely used websites is the Open Press since it is free of cost. It is not just a press releasing website having praised by the major search engine for the formatted content. The distribution of your press release to major search engines is done wisely especially for plain formatted content.

TheOpenPress is responsible id reporting quality news everything paid and that comes under PR section with own RSS feed attaining more credibility.

10. NewswireToday

You can place your press release on this site inclusive of content that contains a logo, e-commerce product images and descriptions consisting of major keywords. Newswire Today is continuing its service since 1998, supporting many small-medium businesses while gaining the utmost reputation in the market. It is also treated as the best article submission website since 2005. Their main aim is to make any business gain access to the world’s best media, irrespective of geographic location and size.


Finally, to conclude every website need to have one or none type of reputation that develop their demand in the market. However, it is made simple by the directories and sites mentioned above. All these websites have their own abilities in releasing website news and behavior in the press.