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Top 10 Tips for SEO in 2019: What should you expect

SEO is known by many customers and enabling to use search for finding the products/services that are related to the business. In 2019, it is suggested to set a better strategy to hit search market. Since 80% of search happens on Google, which is being involved more in search landscaping evolving constantly. Depending upon the user behavior and the type of use, device compatibility,  this market is fragmented into different forms. This will change the conduct of searching the products/services.

Meanwhile, SEO will be affected and the business must have the capacity of identifying the factors that influence the market at a high scale. Any search marketing agency is responsible in providing full service search marketing and other benefits.

Traditional SEO

It actually refers to the web content that users found on the respective search engines when a query or data is given as the instruction. Predominantly, Google has been treated as the best and popular search engine that share market in various angles. However, with the dependence of targets in business, the opposite and relevant other search engines get benefited. The similar search engines are Bing, Yahoo, that share English language markets. On the other hand, areas like China, South Korea, Russia share Bing as their search engine and dominate their markets in competition with Google.

Traditional risk of gaining SEO visibility has implied 3 factors namely:

  1. Content published on the website.
  2. Technical website building.
  3. Links pointing towards the website.

In 2019, enabling these factors into successful campaigns of ranking need implementations. Knowing the importance of SEO role in business marketing is also important.

In this article, all the required and updated tips for SEO are discussed in detail.

  1. Implement SEO on all the platforms

The entire world is a collection of influencers, peers, and viewers. For targeting the audience, all the communities can be used. Through different procedures and pathways, one can get access into all the communities. A few popular platforms that are responsible for targeting the traffic are Questionnaire forums like Quora, YouTube SEO, guest posting in industry-oriented websites and so on.

Embedding powerful content into SEO optimization can bring brand awareness. So investing in SEO can be worthy. Content can be accessed via posting a question in Quora or Posting a blog on social media or on the main website.

Suggestions to use SEO in all the platforms

  1. Always have a keyword pattern for advertising content on social media.
  2. Have a clear and in-depth idea and knowledge on the platform to modify SEO techniques accordingly to have better results.
  3. Follow certain voices that create a brand identity on every media platform.
  4. Add important and useful links, including character limitations, hashtags, post images while posting the content on social platforms.
  1. Follow Keyword Strategy

The ranking is not just making a single keyword visible on the top using SEO. A well-targeted keyword strategy has to be implemented that focuses on ranking the primary keywords of the website. Also, target the related search keywords that people type in the search queries.

Any keyword strategy can make or break the SEO campaign. It is necessary to choose a portfolio of keywords that help in ranking and generating the traffic.

  1. Google Search Console

Habituating to use Google Search Console is the best option for performing SEO. As GSC is maintained and developed by Google, It is likely to deliver the best results for maintaining the website presence. This doesn’t require any tech-savvy for mapping the website and getting analysis about the website.

Even beginner can access without any risk. A sitemap is what it basically require. It allows and maps the website in a way that the search engine reads and digest it to rank higher. For every 72 hours, Google Search Console gives results that can be altered easily.

  1. Maintain Constant promoting of content

Marketing the content cannot be a single-step process. It needs time and evaluation at every step of promotion. Every piece of content requires a keen presence in promotions to reach influencers and readers more quickly and effectively.

Making a list of content and best pages of the website and shortlisting the link worthy content pages. Try updating the old data with fresh content. Use videos and infographics to improve quality and engagement. Repromote the social media posts and even email outreach. These allow smooth content promotion.

  1. Google Business

It is another tool for the contrary and business that most of the business people believe in. It helps in improving the local SEO for those who search for goods and services in the local area. It contributes to developing a better knowledge graph visualizing the appeal and help in generating traffic to the website. It establishes a possible way of generating leads.

6.Programmable SEO Architecture

It is quite an interesting emphasis in making up website’s technical look. This influences search results and the user-behavior. Users and search engines look for websites that have properly built SEO architecture to navigate, easily rectify errors.

Website managers consider technical elements that are search engine friendly, understandable with respect to the context of the website. Metadata, Schema-markup, Site Navigation, Website’s speed, HTML semantic markup, and so on are important technical SEO items to be managed.

  1. Use Video

80% of internet traffic is predicted to rely on video. Embedding a video on to the landing page not only increases the conversion rate but also increases the bounce rate and time-on-site.

Generally, Google gives ranking to the website based on high retention rate and low bounce rate indicating a website that has relevant content that targets the audience.  Google has its own priorities and limits stating the importance of content that should be placed on the website.

Content in terms of video is more essential to improve SEO in 2019 keeping users stay on the web page for a longer time which reduces the bounce rate.

  1. Research and identify the keywords

Identifying the keywords and placing them in the correct place requires some experience. Try digging out keywords that people regularly use for searching products, services, or information. There are some tools that help in identifying the keywords related to the content and SEO strategy.

Search query data(Google Analytics), Google Keyword Planner helps in identifying the search volume and keyword phrases that convert from the web offerings. For the keywords given by these tools, Google projects the exact results.

  1. Write human digestible content first

More and more content creators and bloggers follow the old method of writing where keywords should bring out results that have real and valuable engaging qualities in its content. But it is the time to change the mindset.

For making it, capitalize the long-tail keyword instead of manipulating the search engines. Write content for those users who read it eye to eye and shows interest in purchasing the products/services. Write content in a way that it is useful for someone building trust and emphasizing the user experience. It is called SEO copywriting.

  1. Place the right keyword for the image

Images are the best resource for SEO. Google has dedicated a section for images. This tells how important the images are for any website. People search for images with a particular name or keyword.

Images are important in search engine optimization. It is suggested to accompany the text that is relevant to the image uploaded. Remember, Google considers relevance as the major importance additional to cleverness and creativity.


Follow every single step mentioned above to make SEO-friendly website that brings huge revenue to the business. Implementing the above in the right way can result in positive outputs bringing potential customers to the website.