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Top 10 Robots.txt Generator Tools

It is certainly amazing that you obtain the search engine crawlers to visit your site that is one form of improving one’s ranking and gaining high recognition. Normally while someone is building web pages there are two versions available, one is the printing and the other that is visible in the browser. In such a case you’d want crawlers to check the browser-based domain for the simple reason that they avoid complications. The problems may also relate to being penalized for duplicate material that can bring down one’s ranking instantly. In such a case to avoid this situation we provide tools like the Robot.txt generator which is a text file but not HTML that we place on the site to inform the search engine crawlers about what pages are meant to be visited and which shouldn’t be accessed.

The benefit of having such a generator is that it prevents unwanted plagiarism accusations and doesn’t bring down the ranking of your site. It is an important phase to clarify search engine crawlers about the pages that you’d want them to visit mostly. It isn’t a firewall but simple can be regarded as a segregator that ensures unwanted material is not analyzed by the search engines. It maintains the reputation of your site without breaking links or complicating the content of the page. Normally search engine crawlers easily put aside content and websites, however, to make sure your site isn’t ignored using the Robots.txt generator is highly important. It is quite similar to informing the search engine crawlers that they cannot or aren’t authorized to analyze certain content. It helps to prevent thievery and your content from being hacked.

It is highly important where you place the Robots.txt generator and should technically be placed in the main directory. Placing the generator in a known web page will make it difficult for the search engine crawlers to find it, therefore, the cleaner and open you are about the location the easier the access. In such a case it is always better to let the search bots know that there is a presence of the generator in the site rather than the assumption it isn’t there at all. This can greatly bring down ranking so if you’re optimizing your page; use this tool to improve visibility right away.
Top Websites that Provide Robots.txt Generators

1. Google Webmaster Central

Google Webmaster Central  is the site where you can obtain the newest tool of Robots.txt generator where specifically the Google search engine crawlers are prevented from analyzing content that it shouldn’t. A text editor is available to create a robots.txt file of your choice.

2. Yellowpipe

The access you obtain will be easy since, in this site, all you’ll need to do is mention the name of your site. Once you’ve placed the particular URL’s of the pages you don’t wish to be viewed, you’ll notice that your website’s ranking will improve efficiency. Yellowpipe is used to develop a robots.txt file that entitles the syntax of a website creating a home directory.

3. SEOBook

This particular website SEObook is brimming with different SEO techniques right from rank checking tools to keyword researching. Simply you have to fill in the directories and you’ll immediately have a customized generator that will prevent search bots from accessing sensitive data.

4. seochat

Seochat is a site that allows you to generate the Robots.txt which will keep track of all the changes in the website. Either you can obtain the standard edition or the professional package for which you must pay a monthly fee.

5. SmallSeoTools

Another useful site smallseotools that offers to you Robots.txt generator where you can include your sitemap for efficient indexing. It prevents search bots like Googlebot, MSNbot, Yahoo crawler etc from accessing sensitive data. This website also offers a grammar checker while optimizing the website in terms of SEO.

6. True Saviours

True Saviours website offers search engine optimization techniques where generating Robots.txt will help you to increase your visibility on the internet. With the kind of competition that is rising you would certainly want to remain active so don’t let your content be ignored or plagiarized that easily.

7. SEOptimer

SEOptimer a free website offers the Robots.txt generator to you where you simply have to fill in the important details of your web address alongside the directories that should be avoided by the crawlers.

8. Internet Marketing Ninja

One of the most efficient websites where you can build Robots.txt for free. Internet Market ninjas will allow you to compare the status of your site easily and will give you an idea about how many visits do you obtain from search engine crawlers.

9. LXR Marketplace

NetElixir launched this tool LXRMarketplace a web-based application for small retailers. The main work it does is to simplify the work of small retailers providing low and free prices applications for enhancing the online marketing efficiency and campaign performance. LXRMarketplace Robos.txt generator has its own ability in providing the results.

WIth the democratization in the online marketing industry, most of the e-Commerce industries become polarized believing to compete with the device and knowledge.

10. Duplichecker

Neither encouraging the available tools for generating the robots.txt file, it is mandatory to have a basic idea about the syntax. Duplichecker Robots.txt generator can bring out simple and effective files that are easily understandable by the web designers and users.


All the above robots.txt tools are responsible for developing a unified robots.txt files. It is better to have an SEO tool that denies all the major features in making the website rank top in the google search engine.
However, robots.txt is the root of the website that redirects the file path of each webpage. It gives the syntax and behavior of the entire website. So for developing a robots.txt file, the tool chosen should be perfect in creating the exact file.