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Top 5 PPC Trends to Follow in 2021

High rankings in search engine pages and organic traffic are what every digital marketer yearns for. But achieving a high order and getting quality visitors sure does take time. You need to give a lot of time and effort to advertising and promotion in various social media campaigns. This is why PPC (Pay-Per-Click) is undeniably a good strategy recommendation. 

One of the best sources to reach out to your potential customers/users is through Google. And you cannot deny the fact that Google has over five billion users in a day. You can also maximize your ROI and increase your conversion rate with PPC advertising. 

Moreover, if you are new in the digital marketing industry, getting visibility is pretty essential. With such high competition going on, you cannot just depend on organic traffic and SEO strategies. PPC advertising is also an option. 

Now, are you wondering where to get PPC advertising from? Well, you can definitely approach any digital marketing agency out there in the market. You can also get various other digital marketing services from them for your website if needed.  

What actually is PPC?

Finding many different solutions to problems is easy enough. But, understanding them is more prominent. For those who do not understand the concept of PPC, follow this resource.

PPC, or say Pay per click marketing, is a type of paid search strategy. It helps gain engagement from the target audience, promote your brand offering, and build awareness for your brand. With PPC, every time the user clicks on your PPC ads, the advertiser would pay. It is a keyword-based marketing technique. 

As the name indicates Pay-Per-Click, does the same work. You may have a notion that Google PPC is all there it is. However, pay per click does not just work on Google Display Network and Google search engine result pages. It also works on YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook, and other social media sites. 

The keyword having more competing advertisers have a higher keyword price. 

Thus, you can do PPC advertising on different online marketing platforms and apply different strategies. This would make your product and services more visible to the niche audience. 

To get the highest benefits from PPC advertisements, you can approach the PPC company as well. They are definitely the experts in this area. They would help you recognize which type of PPC ad is suitable for your businesses’ product and services. The PPC marketing services also include Keyword Research & Analysis, PPC Management, Landing Page Conversion Optimization, Ads A/B Split Testing, Paid Search Advertising, Bing & Google Ads management, Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), Next door Advertising, Social Media Advertising, Amazon PPC, Remarketing Campaigns, and YouTube ads. 

You should not limit yourself to basic PPC ad knowledge, though. There exist Display Ads, Search Ads, Remarketing Ads, Social Ads (social media paid advertising), In-stream Ads (youtube advertising), Google Shopping Ads, Local Services Ads, Gmail Sponsored Promotionspromotions (GSP), and Amazon PPC Ads. 

To make yourself sure about PPC ads, you can also read the advantages you will get. 

  • Improvement in brand’s visibility
  • Prioritizing target audience on a different basis.
  • The immediate result upon PPC campaign launch
  • Cost-effective
  • Measure your return on investments
  • customizable

Now I assume that you have got a gist about PPC. So, let us move ahead and learn about the trending PPC tactics that you should probably follow by now in 2021. Knowing the PPC trends below will definitely be helpful, be it an advertiser or a digital marketer. 

  1. PPC Automation

An emerging way to enhance campaign performance is through PPC automation. Many high-end companies like Google have also invested in automation options in massive amounts. In 2021, PPC automation uses machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) for the automation of labor-intensive tasks. 

PPC automation may not be entirely new, but it is developed rapidly and now plays a significant role in ad testing. It helps optimize PPC campaigns through the identification of keywords and target audiences. The experts could also use it to:

  • Calculate bidding strategies for varied goals
  • Increase conversions and set a definite CPA
  • Stop losing/low-performing ads
  • Generate ads through website content and user behavior 
  • Automatically generate ad performance reports.
  1. Video Ads

The more significant margin of visitors that you get on your site is from the mobile website. It’s a fact. People feel more convenient and time-saving by browsing on mobile devices. And when it’s about mobile content, video content is what keeps the visitors engaged. Video advertising and promotions are dominating above other types of ads. 

Video ads are an excellent approach for creating an aesthetic appeal over customers, better reach for business purposes, and above all, it is comparatively low in cost. 

Perhaps you have noticed that YouTube has introduced a Bumper Machine. It is an initiative by Google for video ad features. This Bumper Machine claims to create 6-second bumper advertisings from a 90 seconds (or less) YouTube video through the use of machine learning. You can also manage these ads as skippable in-stream ads or non-skippable in-stream ads.

 Advertisers should adapt to the vertical video ads of Google. Linking products with video ads would affect the PPC. Marketers could also incorporate virtual reality (VR) for a better user experience. 

  1. Smart Bidding

In simple words, smart bidding is just a subset of PPC automation where automation of bidding strategies takes place. The optimization of your ads for conversion is done using machine learning based on set goals. With this, you do not have to manually optimize each ad campaign to improve your ad performance. 

Firstly, you let Google know about your advertising goals. Then, the smart bidding automatically identifies options on how to fulfill the task within your budget. Smart bidding can be used to satisfy a few of your PPC goals, such as target ROAS (Return on Advertising Spend), target CPA (Cost Per Acquisition), conversions maximizations, and enhancing CPC (Cost-Per-Click).  

Recently, few new smart bidding controls are being released by Google. This includes Campaign-level Conversion Setting, Maximize Conversions, and Seasonality Adjustments.  

  1. Voice Search

Isn’t voice search so much more time-saving and convenient than typing and searching? That is the reason why there is a boom in voice-search Bluetooth devices and options. 

As per research, 50% of all the searches made on the web are through voice search. So if you have not created PPC campaigns on voice search yet, now is the high-time. 

Below are the ways on how you can successfully optimize your voice search-related PPC campaigns:

  • Regular update of the FAQ pages.
  • Emphasis on long-tail keywords and more question phrases. 
  • Determine the most used current search terms by the searchers.
  • Evaluate the searcher’s buying position.
  • Remove (or add) negative keywords.
  • You can also try using call extensions on PPC campaigns.
  1. Google AdMob and Smart Segmentation 

Nowadays, every business website should have a quality mobile app. Also, as per research, in-app advertisings and paid downloads through mobile apps are expected to generate more than $500 billion as revenue in 2021. 

Smart segmentation is such a strategy to gain revenue even from non-spending players. So to say, it is of great help to gaming app developers. As the name suggests, this segmentation uses machine learning to section users based on their money spending within the app. 

Non-spending players will also view ads to protect the spending players’ (purchasers) user experience while generating revenue in secret via the ads. However, users who likely make in-app purchases will not see any ads. 

Advertising on mobile (Google AdMob) helps brilliant analytics aspects and reporting features that will improve app improvement. AdMob is such a trend that alerts as soon as there are any abnormal changes in the system’s key metrics such as impressions or CPM. 

New features of AdMob includes:

  • User engagement card (like session per user, average session duration, ad exposure per session).
  • Reports on rewarded ads.
  • Easy comparison reporting
  • AdMob API (Application Programming Interface)

Wrap Up

The PPC trends mentioned above in this article are definitely not all of them out there. But you can probably see how the PPC strategies are evolving from basic to smart techniques. To stay in the competition, you cannot avoid these PPC trends and replan your marketing strategies for success. 

PPC search engine marketing is also coming upfront due to the rising number of online shopping from customers. 

As an advertiser, you need to follow up on these PPC trends to get the most benefits from your pay-per-click advertising campaigns. Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, and Automation are all that are there in technology advancement now. These innovative changes have entirely changed the scenarios on how businesses and websites used to operate. 

Those marketers optimizing their ads with voice search will reap better results from PPC campaigns in 2021. Pay-per-click ads are worth the effort as it is a great tool to enhance your customer base. It is also undervalued as the customer visit generates more revenue than what the clicks would have offered. Overall, Pay per click advertising is an excellent digital marketing strategy for advertisers and marketers.