Top 5 RSS Aggregator Tools to Combine RSS Feeds

RSS feed is the new way of keeping yourself linked to different websites. It ensures you get the different updates, posts, news on the various social networking sites, blogs and favorite websites. RSS feeds enable the widespread of your content. RSS feeds enable your information to reach many people. This is a better way of increasing your popularity as then more people will be interested in what you have to say or interested in contacting you and will eventually end up visiting your website.

However, when you have to manage a multiple of websites, accounts, and blogs, it becomes tedious to keep track of all those RSS feeds. This is when an aggregator tool for RSS feeds comes in handy. It compiles your different RSS feeds combining them into one so that it’s easier for you to manage. RSS aggregator tools are easy to handle and some of them provide multiple functions for a better online experience.

Top 5 RSS Aggregators Tools to combine RSS feeds

RSS mix

RSS Mix is a tool which lets you combine the RSS feeds of multiple under one single unique RSS feed which will be easier for the user to handle. The URL addresses of the combined RSS feeds are automatically given thus enabling visitors to access all your websites from the same place.

Feed Killer

It is a very easy to use tool which enables you to add new RSS feeds anytime. The label is built by entering the URL of the other RSS feeds. Combining different website’s RSS feeds into a single feed is made simple and accurate with Feed Killer.

It is available completely for free and the services they sponsored were prolonged to the year 2018-2019. In the UK, it has got the highest grade in the premium bingo sites.


The chimpFeedr is easy to use, it allows you to make an aggregate RSS feed by simply entering the URL of all the feeds you need to be combined. It allows you to resize your images. Many types of RSS campaigns can be set daily, monthly and weekly using this RSS aggregator. It is necessary to drop a request before aggregating and integrating the content with the other website RSS feed.


BlastCasta is a unique RSS aggregator which lets you customize your website with RSS feed windows and many different features to give you a unique RSS experience.

Either you have a blog nor website, keeping up fresh and updated tweets, headlines, and content with the embedded websites require a special RSS aggregator. Blasta helps you in doing so very effectively. The widgets created are customizable and are compatible on any website.
Custom widgets can be created with one or more atom or RSS feeds. This indirectly helps in bringing more traffic to the website increasing the reader’s visibility.

Feed Informer

It is a very user-friendly aggregator which lets you mix and convert feeds in very little time. It also instructs new users on proper RSS feed aggregation. Feed Informer can parse, aggregate, mix the syndicate RSS feeds. There are many tools available in Feed Informer that offers many options to convert atom or RSS feeds to widgets that are made ready to publish everywhere on the webpage.

‘Digest’ is what they call the process of aggregation as. Digestion of the feeds can be done using key phrases and keywords. Later on, stylings can be applied simultaneously.


RSS aggregators are usually very less in the market. Among all the available feed aggregators, the above mentioned 5 aggregators are very important and are responsible for customizing the feeds at any chance