Top 10 World Wide Domain Registrar Companies

In today’s world every organization, company, project, business has its own domain. Domain building has become an integral part of web marketing which reaches you out to the world in an efficient and affordable way. Domain registration is the authentication of your website name all over the world and its recognition on the net. It gives your website an identity. The domain registrar companies lease you the space on net in the form of a website and host your information on their servers.
The top 10 Domain Registrar Companies are:


Dotster Company provides with good technical support for your website. is one of the top domain registrar companies. It provides very good services and is affordable. It gives a complete solution to domain hosting including all the legal formalities.


Directnic provides with good technical support for your website. It is another affordable and exclusive domain registrar company. It allows you to transfer your domain to another individual or company. A unique domain always redirects web traffic to your web path. is a European registrar company that offers domain registration. The packages provided vary in features and costs. This domain registrar company is for all kinds of domain hosting. Their website registration services are reliable and trusted.


Bulkregister lets you choose the domain name of your liking and if it is unavailable gives you a domain with very similar concept and name. offers its services at very cheap rates. It also has a hotline for information and maintenance services and reminders.


Network solutions not only offer you the best registration services, but also the client gets a free domain registration for a year. Its unique services include boosting your website on social networking sites like Facebook. The other features are Mobile friendly website hosting, Integration of the website with outlook, blackberry, and Activesync.


Tucows major focus is on domain management. They offer the unique option of managing several domains under one register provider. The prices are very competitive giving you the best experience in website hosting.


GoDaddy provides you with excellent features. Unlimited space is offered. Many other web related services are provided. The company is dedicated to customer’s service.


Register gives you reliable and correct information regarding website hosting. They have a good customer feedback team and a helpline number which helps customers make a website with heavy impact. It gives you a good domain management panel. All its services make your domain one of the best in its kind over the world.


eNom company focuses on brand development and excellent service delivery. They offer you domain name, web hosting and SSL certificates at very low costs. They also give products which deal with purchases and sales online. This registrar company is the best option for commercial projects


Melbourneit Company has a bit higher cost than the other. But the services it provides very well make up for it. They offer web marketing, website designing, and an excellent client help and information sector. They have a strong support system.


All the above domain registrars are spread widely across the world delivering the highest flexibility and efficiency. Try any of them which permits your website capacity and domain authority. All that you should consider is the cost that vary depending upon the usage and designing within the projects.