Top six reasons to take up a PRINCE2 certification

If you are someone who’s looking to invest time and resources into becoming a fantastic project manager, then a PRINCE2 Foundation course is right up your alley. In today’s fast-paced world where business and technology change every couple of years, it’s imperative to future-proof oneself with specific guidelines that will help remain a force to be reckoned with in the IT industry. Even if you are a professional project management guru, you will still need to certify yourself under the latest guidelines of PRINCE2. Not only is it the industry standard, but it’s also a perfect way to take your career to the next level.

Although there are a myriad of reasons as to why a PRINCE2 is a foundation to become a successful project manager, here we outline the top six –

  1. It’s the standard by which the industry operates

Project management is a vast field. It incorporates a work ethic that needs constant vigilance and continuous improvement. It’s not surprising to find that a PRINCE2 certified professional is a great agile practitioner, as well. This is mainly because the guidelines outlined in a  PRINCE2 Foundation course have a mild essence of agile practices. Lean thinking and agile methodologies echo the message of inclusive thinking and are practiced widely across IT firms. Getting certified with a PRINCE2 certification training ensures that you are updated with the latest skills in the industry.

  1. Improve employability by leaps and bounds

With the advent of multiple PRINCE2 foundation certification training courses today, many companies are outright listing requirements with this training. If you are a project manager looking out for a lucrative position, and you haven’t yet undergone the PRINCE2 foundation course, landing a position to your liking will be difficult. What’s unique about any training course associated with PRINCE2 is the fact that it is perfect at any level of your career. If you are under the impression that at a senior level the training becomes redundant, then you have another think coming. The training can be taken by anyone on the project manager career ladder and is enough to improve employability prospects in any corner of the world where PRINCE2 certifications are recognized.

  1. You will be qualified in a matter of weeks

Most folks in the industry today looking to improve their job prospects don’t see the success they envisioned. What stumps them is the fact that even with ten plus years of experience in the field, a good position never opens up. What’s stopping them from a PRINCE2 course is the excuse that there isn’t enough time to do it all. On the contrary, if your problem is time, then you needn’t worry at all. The entire course takes about 20-50 hours to complete for the entry-level, and around two to three days for the practitioner and professional levels. If you are a beginner, then you’re in luck as the entry-level of the course can be done online at your own pace. If you are still looking for a quick way through, several packages bundle packages together, making the whole thing quite easy to learn.

  1. Your basic salary will shoot up 

The base average annual wage of a PRINCE2 certified professional in the global market can range anything from US$82,000 to US$95,000. This is basically if you enter at the most basic level. It goes up even more if you enter at the practitioner level. With such salaries, it’s quite simple to climb the arduous career ladder rapidly and fulfill responsibilities earlier on in your career.

  1. Global doors will now be open

If you ever wanted to explore the world’s different cultures while working at a lucrative position, then a PRINCE2 Foundation certification training course is one of the few relatively quick methods to get opportunities for the same. Due to the global acceptance of the guidelines outlined by a PRINCE2 certification, you will be more favorable for employment by international companies or domestic firms with an international presence.

  1. Manage projects even more successfully

With the guidelines and processes outlined in the PRINCE2 manuals and software, you can gain the ability to think outside the box and come up with solutions previously uncovered. Let’s be honest. There are a few main factors that guide the success of a project. This can or cannot be limited to just these, but the basic few are quality, timelines, and budget. If a project manager strikes a delicate balance between these three, the other factors generally fall into place. The guidelines that are given in the PRINCE2 ensure that a structural approach is adopted towards projects irrespective of its size. It helps the manager provide flexibility to put out deliverables on time, thereby improving client relations that ultimately fuel the growth of the organization.

So if you feel that these are some of the outcomes you would like out of your project management career, you should go for a training stint at any level if you are a newbie into the world of PRINCE2.