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Trends In Mobile App Development

In the recent past the mobile app development sector has witnessed an unparalleled growth in every possible vertical. The changes that it has brought in to our lives are very evident. From a business perspective a mobile app is an asset that you can bank on. According to statista, the mobile app development industry can generate $189 billion in revenue.

Technology as we know is going through a constant makeover. What might seem to be the hot cake today might not be the one tomorrow. Mobile app development is not an exception in this scenario. Taking into consideration the prevailing competition it is mandatory to embrace every new technology that comes and always be future ready.

Here are few of the mobile app trends that are endorsed and followed by top front end development companies.

Application of Blockchain – It Goes Beyond Crypto

Even though blockchain technology has been here for some decades, it was in the recent past that it gained prominence. The technology which was thought to be applied only with crypto proved to useful in many ways. When it comes to mobile app development it forms the base for DApps or decentralized mobile apps. Leaving aside the Dapps, one of the most important aspects the blockchain brings in, is the security. It completely eliminates data tampering in spite of offering transparency. There are no second thoughts about the fact that blockchain is a technology with high potential which is going to be an undeniable entity not just in mobile app development but also in other sectors.

Artificial Intelligence – For Smatter Apps

Let’s face it and accept that artificial intelligence is not just a technology, it is a phenomenon of an era. According to International Data Corporation the estimated value of Artificial Intelligence is around $40 billion. There has been a lot of significant breakthroughs in AI and applying it is mobile apps is one among them. It goes without saying that incorporating mobile apps is expensive. The flip side of it is that it can save a considerable amount of money, time and energy. Many tech giants are banking on AI and one example is Google’s Duplex. Well, what Sarah Corner said was true after all, AI is sure going to take over a lot of things.

Beacon – Signal Sending  at Its Best

Beacon technology is for sure to be embraced by mobile apps, as it has the potential to play a very curtail part in many industries like hospitality, healthcare and a lot more. Even though it can bring in many advantages, the one aspect beacon technology that will stand out is proximity marketing. Beacons are wireless transmitters that send signals using Bluetooth technology. Using a beacon a retailer can send a customized message to people in the premise which have the potential to fetch a lot of potential leads.

IoT Integration – The Game Changer

The penetration of IoT in our everyday lives is very evident. Internet Of Things are basically an innovation that enables people to establish a network in the things that we use on a everyday basis like watches, locks and a lot more. Some of the best examples of IoT include, Google Home, Alexa and all wearables. The IoT that we witness now is just the tip of the ice berg. It is capable of bringing in many advantages. Internet of Things has positioned itself to be one of the inevitable technologies in the mobile app development. The global IoT market can generate revenue of up to $1.33 trillion in 2020.

5G – Accelerating The Apps

The clash between China and US is all more enough for you know the potential of 5G technology. The fact about 5G is that it not going to be the trend in mobile app development alone. It is also going to have its impact in various other sectors. The speed that 5G offers is going to be 100 time faster than 4G. Hence it is important for the app developers to develop apps that can cater to the speed that is being offered. Even though speed is the main agenda here, some of the other things that it brings to the table include data security, better gaming experience and a lot of other important aspects.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) – Catering To Mobile Users

If tech giants like Google and Twitter collaborate for a project, it is bound to be exceptional. That is what Accelerated Mobile Pages is all about-nothing short of awesome. It is a specific version of HTML that increases the speed of mobile pages. With AMP developers need not worry about loading time for heavy websites. Google has officially integrated AMP to its mobile search results. A good AMP score will help in a lot of things like low bounce rate, increased user retention and a lot more.

EMM & APM – Better management, Better User Experience

EMM –Enterprise Mobile Management is very important from a business perspective. Since the importance of mobile apps are growing for businesses EMM is mandatory for  rendering better security and finance management for business people.

AMP – Application Performance Management varies across the board. The process of making sure that every user gets a good experience by the search engines is called Application Performance Management. This is one of the main reasons why there are no snags when the users are accessing the apps.

Chatbots – Striking Conversations

The main purpose to adapt chat bots is to have a better user interface and user experience. The precise answers from the chat bots definitely deserve a very special mention in this regard. It would definitely serve as an asset for apps that render services like online shopping, food/grocery delivery and on demand services. Enabling chatbots will help users to resolve their issues in the app without calling tech/customer support. US, UK, India, Germany and Brazil are some of the countries that has shown impressive growth in the use of chatbots in the recent past.

Final Words

“Be that person who creates the change, never the less be the one who embraces it.” This is something that will suit not just the mobile app development sector but also the entire tech industry. Incorporating the above mentioned features will help the app stand the test of time.