What are the Best Industries for Investment in 2020?

With so many interesting playgrounds for investors to look at in this new decade, it can be difficult to know precisely where to begin. Here are three key areas worth looking at if you are interested in investing in some aspect of the tech industry this decade.


We are at a really important part in the development of artificial intelligence. There have already been some major leaps forward that means that AI products are beginning to enter the mainstream market’s lives. If you are searching for an industry that is varied and has many different applications, this is a great one to opt for. There is a strong chance that two companies who both develop AI are producing programs with very different end-user goals.

Whether an investor is more interested in medical applications or the latest in home assistant technologies, there will always be something new in this sector. It is like that AI will prove to be one of the biggest innovations of the early 21st century, so make sure that you find a worthy cause to invest in as soon as you can.

Prosthetic Limbs

The technology behind prosthetic limbs has leapt forward massively. Thanks to the interest of investors like Tej Kohli and developers like Albert Manero, there have been some important changes and discoveries that have made a real difference here.

The invention of 3D printing has had a massive effect on the industry as a whole. These prosthetics used to be difficult to create but this process has made it much simpler overall. Not only is 3D printing cheaper, but it is also quicker. This allows those who need the limbs to get them in a much speedier time than they would normally. Add in developments in functionality and control, and it is clear that this sector is one with a lot of promise.


It might seem like an odd area of investment to an outsider, but the eSports gaming industry is experiencing a meteoric rise at the moment. It is thought to be more popular than some sports that have existed for years.

With games like Counter Strike: Global Offensive amongst many others leading the way, there are some great opportunities for players to get involved. Millions of dollars are being poured into venues specifically built for the needs of eSports gamers and fans, in addition to sponsorship of the teams themselves. Any investor looking for something slightly different would do well to look into what this industry can offer them.

These are three great industries to look at if you want to diversify your portfolio this year. Many industries are on the brink of exploding in popularity, with new changes and developments happening every day that passes. Find some of the areas that interest you the most, and you should have no issue uncovering a brilliant investment opportunity. The three listed above are fantastic starting points for you to investigate. Take a look at what is out there for investors in 2020 now.