Material Handling can be described as the process or methodologies that involve moving, packing, and/or storage of materials, which comprises various techniques that facilitate easy movement and storage of them. In other words, it involves those movements of the materials which are carried in short- distance for the proceedings of manufacturing, warehousing, consumption, distribution, and disposing of.

Material Handling is mostly used for better time and place utility by the process of right handling, storage, and other such methodologies. 

Material handling is an essential technique in manufacturing work. Every product of physical commerce is to be maintained or transported by the various processes of material handling.

Now, as the importance of material handling in any physical commerce is inevitable, different types of material handling are to be understood, which are useful in different manufacturing demands and requirements.

What are the types of material handling?

1) Manual Handling

As the term itself suggests, manual handling can be described as the kind of material handling which is carried manually. Thus, the involvement of workers in the physical works of commerce such as moving individual containers by the processes of lifting, putting down, filling, emptying, carrying of items or loads, and so on.

Although this is the traditional method of material handling, there are certain drawbacks or cons in this method. Firstly, it can be dangerous for the workers’ safety in certain conditions. It can lead to certain physical conditions for workers that are more likely to cause injuries, which may be proved serious.

Also, regular exposure to such heavy work can be hazardous for the workers in the long run as it involves constant strain on some body parts like back, shoulders, limbs, etc. Although with the inclusions of some better technologies in this concern, the injuries can be avoided up to a certain extent, this worker favorable technology, system, or policy is not always available.

Also, the manual material handling process can be time taking and inconsistent in terms of constant output and quality.

2) Automated handling

As manually handled material process does consist of some serious drawbacks and issues, automation handling is generally considered as a better and more efficient method. It involves the usage of technical equipments that are more economical, feasible, and effective in terms of time-saving and quality of the work. Also, an automated handling procedure can be more safe and efficient in its methodology.

With pros, automated handling does consist of some cons. Firstly, in certain situations, the working of machines can not be as smooth or flexible as that of a human operator. Also, it demands a larger sum as the initial investment in applying automation handling process.

3) Semi-automated handling

This is a machine-based material handling method that requires human operation in carrying some specific tasks.

Thus, different types of material handling are crucial in the physical commerce of any construction or manufacturing industry. For this, seek expert help from the right material handling staffing agency is needed. They can provide you with low – risk, effective, and efficient material handling services of all the types.