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What is a stock screener?

When it comes to trading stocks, a stock investor will usually have hundreds of stocks to choose from. However, not all stocks behave the same way. Some stocks tend to show strong returns, at times beating the major indexes, while other stocks are steady but focus on giving additional cashflow incentives to their investors.

Among the different types of stocks, an investor is often required to make deep researches to identify the best stocks in the market.

The stock screener are handy tools that allow stock investors to screen through numerous stocks and filter out only the best possible stocks based on the investor criteria.

Just about every stock investor at some point has used a stock screener.

While there are many stock screeners available today, some free while others require a subscription, is a stock screener that emerges on the top of the list. This is because of its popularity of being highly flexible to accommodate various combination of filters.

Stock investors usually focus on the fundamental ratios and at times technical indicators as well. This is where stock screeners such as the finviz stock screener plays a big role in allowing this flexibility for stock investors.

Why do investors prefer to use

There are not many financial stock screeners that allows you a combination of technical and fundamentals. For example, an investor can get more information when they filter their stocks based on the fundamental ratios and valuations and then look to the technical aspects in order to fine tune their entry for the preferred stock.

While fundamental analysis focuses on the aspect of understanding what is the reason behind a stock’s move and for the investor to ascertain whether the stock is undervalued or overvalued, technical analysis focuses on predicting future price action based on past history. combines both these powerful features to give you a comprehensive view about the stocks of your choice.

But we should mention that is not just about stocks. You can also find detailed information about other markets such as forex and futures as well.

All the functionality is basically free of cost, which is the reason why is so popular. You only need a subscription if you want to save your filters and maintain and track your stock portfolio’s performance.

For a serious investor, the cost of subscription is worth having as it can help one to improve their stock portfolio’s performance in the long term.

You can also use without registering for an account, yet get the same capability to filter out the stocks based on your preference. The entire website is focused on the investor and therefore, right from the word go, you will be presented with the performance of the major U.S. stock indices and the latest news that is shaping the markets.

Having been established years ago, has become a trusted name when one thinks about stock screeners.