What To Know Before Using SketchUp Pro Software

If you’re planning to use SketchUp Pro software, this article is for you. There are important things you have to know before using this tool. First, you need to learn the basics about SketchUp and then dig deeper into the more advanced version, which is the SketchUp Pro.

What Is SketchUp?

SketchUp refers to a three-dimensional or 3D modeling computer program used in a broad range of drawing applications, including architectural, landscape architecture, interior design, mechanical and civil engineering, video game, and film design. It involves surface modeling or manipulation of surfaces and edges until the user obtains the desired result.

In 2000, Last Software initially published SketchUp free version, and Google bought it in 2006. Later on, Google sold SketchUp to a navigation and surveying equipment company, Trimble Inc., in 2012. This tool is available in free and paid versions. 

What Is SketchUp Pro? 

SketchUp Pro is the most complete, paid version of the software used by professionals with extra features in addition to the features that the free version offers. It’s the software program’s advanced solution used on a computer with the option to also connect to the Web. The three different SketchUp Pro programs include the Pro, the LayOut, and the Builder. 

Here are the good-to-know facts about SketchUp Pro:

  • Advanced Features: SketchUp Pro is equipped with advanced features, specially designed for all professionals needing a complete 3D modeling solution. A user can create dynamic components, use a 2D version on LayOut, create animations, or make sketches. This tool is also available in an STL export format, which is a standard file format representing a digital three-dimensional model, largely used by computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) and 3D printing software.
  • Latest Version: SketchUp Pro 2020 version offers new features, such as the Outliner tool. The user can now hide objects while working. First time users can take advantage of a 30-day free trial period. The licensing fee for one computer would cost US$695.

SketchUp Pro Features

Before using SketchUp Pro, it’s important to know what features and benefits you can expect from this tool. SketchUp Pro comes with advanced features which set itself apart from SketchUp Free. These include the following:

  • Work Presentation Features: With SketchUp Pro presentational features, the tool comes very handy when showing work to a client. The render-making tool enhances a 3D model’s image, making it more intuitive than what the free version image offers.
  • Terrain Modeling And Solid Tools: Sandbox tools are highly beneficial to professional architects when it comes to terrain modeling. These tools allow realistic environment stimulation for a 3D model. With solid tools, you can easily connect complex shapes together, make cutouts, or create perfect joinery.
  • Detailed Construction Plans: SketchUp Pro is a powerful tool which makes great-looking and accurate construction and schematic plans. This tool also allows you to place your company’s branding, like signature or logo, on the sides. With SketchUp Pro, you can extrude 2D PDF to 3D construction plans by importing the PDF. Users can download extensions to create complex model shapes, making professionals’ lives a lot easier.

SketchUp Pro Outliner 

In SketchUp Pro 2020, a new tool was launched with the update which is the Outliner. This tool enables the user to view the objects of a model as a hierarchical tree, including the components, groups, and section planes. Whether you’re into interior design, architecture, or video game design, the Outliner provides valuable help.

The Outliner allows you to do the following: 

  • Name section planes and objects
  • Navigate large models
  • Find a section plane or component instance 
  • Control object visibility
  • Restructure the model hierarchy

To open the Outliner, select Window and choose Outliner from the SketchUp menu bar. The name of the model appears at the top.

SketchUp 2021 Updates

SketchUp has always something new every year. So, what can users expect from the 2021 update?

Here are the things you can expect from the 2021 update of SketchUp:

  • SketchUp will launch a new web-based tool in 2021 called PreDesign. It will enhance design research before 3D modeling.
  • SketchUp Labs, a new program that will be launched in the 2021 update, will enable you to test features before they’re fully ready. 
  • Live components refer to configurable objects re-drawn in real-time that will promote greater project scalability. It will benefit architectural configuration, as-built modeling, space planning, and rapid iterations of aesthetic and interior design.


Now, you can confidently use SketchUp Pro in any 3D design application. This advanced professional software program provides everything you need to create impressive designs for your projects. You can benefit from its advanced features and benefits using the basic SketchUp Pro tools to the newest ones to make your 3D project design and presentation a lot easier.