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What you need to know about removing negative online content

When it comes to negative online content, you should keep in mind that videos and images rank highly in search results. This can damage your brand’s online reputation, so you need to remove the harmful content to make sure that your customers continue to trust your business. 

The longer this harmful content stays online, the more the damage. Worse still, if the website with this negative content is of high authority, it means more people can see it. This page explains what you need to know about removing negative online content. 

Content Google removes from search results

The truth is that you can’t just remove any content because you don’t like it associated with your brand. Hence, search engines like Google require such content to meet specific criteria so that they can remove it. 

That said, there are also certain cases where search engines can remove any negative content, such as information that can cause identity theft or even lead to financial harm. If there is this type of information appearing online, it means it’s violating the service agreement with search engines, and they may remove signatures, bank account information, or credit card numbers. 

Search engines can also remove sexually explicit information that is posted without your consent. Therefore, this information includes pictures or videos showing a sexual act or you’re nude, you’re underage, and you didn’t give consent to the act.

Removing negative content online

When you remove online information or unwanted content online simply means the search engines will not have the negative result to show in search engines. Therefore, visitors to the site cannot find it, though it can be hard to remove such information from search engines yourself. This is the reason why you need to work with reputation management companies to help you to remove it. 

A good reputation management company can help you remove unsubstantiated or defamatory content that targets your business and brand. It means they can remove the content from social or professional media profiles, blogs, review sites, and many others. 

Reputation management also involves removing negative company images or information and handling copyright issues online. Even better, a online reputation management company can protect your business and brand from any potential online reputation threats.

When it comes to removing negative reviews, you should remember that reviews can have a significant impact on your business and brand reputation. Regardless of whether it’s a single negative review or many of them, it can drive away many customers. However, you cannot just remove a review just because you don’t like it or it hurts your business and brand.

Review platforms are there for a good reason and that’s to let people share their opinions. This enables people to read them so that they can make informed buying decisions on products or services. In short, you can ask for specific reviews to be removed from websites if they breach certain guidelines, they are fake, or are defamatory.