Where Everybody Knows Your Name: Guide to Getting Your Name Known

Exposure and recognition are critical when promoting your business. But when you are new to running a business it can be tricky to figure out where you are going right and where you are going wrong, as making mistakes here could be very costly to your finances. The key here is to ensure that you get your name known and in a positive way while reaching the correct audience; this is essential as if you are getting loads of exposure, but it is to the wrong audience, then it is all for nothing.

Decide on a Memorable Name

Sometimes a name can be everything. When choosing a business name, it’s important to think about your potential customers and what may be relevant to them? If the locality is important, then you may want to include the town or city area you are operating into the title, for example, ‘Town-name Carpet Cleaners.’ You may be trying to convey a policy on price, in which case something like, ‘Budget Carpet Cleaners Town-name.’ Or maybe it’s a more abstract brand name you wish to promote?

Ensure You Are Listed

One key area that is often overlooked is to be sure that you are listed where people can find you. One thing that is still valuable is being in the local phone book; the percentage of people who use the physical book may be in sharp decline, but most areas operate an online listing as well. Google Places is another essential listing that you should make, the way the search engine works these days is geared towards a geographical location, so make sure you don’t forget this vital step. Depending on what industry you are in, there are also hundreds of specific directories that may be of use to get listed online.

Branded Gear

If you engage physically with your customers’, then it’s a good idea to get your name and logo as visible as possible. Firstly, if you keep premises, it’s useful to have a sign on the building, even if you are not visited that often by customers it serves as cheap exposure if you are on a traveled road. You should also consider company t-shirts for you and your staff so that you never miss an opportunity to promote the brand.

Sort Out the Website

Everything is done online these days, one way or another. There’s barely a business that wouldn’t benefit from having a website, and for most, it’s a necessity. You should have a visually impressive site that shows off your product or message clearly and appealingly. It should be easy to navigate, and information should not take too long to find; otherwise, customers can get bored and leave to look for a competitor very quickly.

Social Media

These days it’s important to supplement your website with social media accounts to reach a wider audience online. With a Facebook or Twitter account, you can engage with new people, and put up announcements and adverts with ease.