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Why everyone in your organisation is responsible for the SEO success?

A good SEO strategy shouldn’t be the prerogative of the marketing team alone, it should stretch across the entire organization. Why? Because it influences everything in the organization and the SEO team doesn’t have full control of the things that are needed to improve it. If you are looking for a digital marketing agency that will take care of your SEO needs, look no further than Webarro .

Here is how the other departments in the organization can help with SEO success:

#1 Branding and Social Media presence:

Creating content for your brand is the first step towards getting leads for your business. The SEO strategies should be applied to the content. Branding your company will help with your case as a good social media presence means that you will already have people who will be happy to engage with your content. Keep posting content that will increase the brand value of your company. If you are looking for Google Adwords agency in Dubai, (insert client name) will be a good choice.

#2 Employee’s social media profiles:

Even your employees are a source whose help you can take for your SEO strategy. Use their social media profiles to share articles from your company blog or ask them to write using relevant hashtags on different channels. Do not go overboard with this strategy as your employees may not like being used as a marketing tool.

#3 Crawling and Indexing:

The search engine searches the Internet for the code/content for each URL by crawling. It then indexes the content by organizing it so that it can be displayed when someone searches for it. Is your site SEO friendly? Is your content optimized for search? Are the URLs optimized to be indexed? Ensure that your team does all of this.

#4 Internal and External Links:

When you have a lot of webpages, it is smart if you can interlink pages that are relevant so that your website visitors get to see more of your offerings with little effort. Another way to improve your search ranking is through external linking. Guest posting is one way to get external links for your website from reputed organizations. Work hard to get mentions from different websites with high DAs as well.

#5 Analytics team:

The data that you get from the analytics team using the content and SEO activities done is a goldmine of information that you can use to predict future trends. The analytics team will be able to tell you which are the SEO strategies that are working best while also helping you show the most-shared and most-read articles on your website so that you can tweak your marketing strategy accordingly.

#6 Product:

Your site should be fixed so that your SEO plan doesn’t go kaput. If it isn’t fixed, then you need additional pages. It is imperative that your website has an extensive technical audit at regular intervals. You can also change your URL structure to help with SEO. If nothing works, then you should get a new site. The product needs to be without errors so that the SEO strategies don’t tank.


How have you set up SEO within your organization? Does everyone in your organization help with its growth? If you want to overcome any kind of challenges in your SEO, you should involve SEO across the organization from the beginning itself. Otherwise, the team members will be resistant to change. Helping your employees across the organization understand the importance of SEO is pivotal to creating a culture of SEO because everyone is responsible for SEO success.