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Why Press Releases Should Be A Part of Your Marketing Strategy

Some people think of press releases as old and outdated. They consider them to be boring and overly formal announcements that lack style.

They couldn’t be more wrong. When created and distributed the right way, press releases can be an influential and integral part of your digital marketing strategy.

How Do Press Releases Work

Press releases are a summary of the latest company news events. They are relatively easy to create and distribute to a host of news outlets that syndicate the information. The news outlets may even write about the company news in their publications to increase their potential reach.

Press releases focus on facts and are shorter in length than most articles.

Using a Press Release

When considering how to write a press release, it is essential to stick to the facts and limit editorial comments. If it is about your latest products, the whole press release should focus on the products.

They are often free to repost and syndicate across several different types of media, including websites, magazines, radio broadcasts, and newspapers.

Many times, media outlets will copy and paste the press release, and there is the possibility it will get picked up by the RSS feed on the site and syndicated across even more websites.

Benefits of Issuing a Press Release

There are many benefits to creating and distributing a press release, including the fact that it is free advertising for your business, and you have full control over the content.

When you write press releases often, you will find that they generate much buzz. Distributing regular press releases can result in more website traffic, leads, and sales. It should be a part of any professional marketing strategy because press releases can help build a brand and increase business growth.

Every milestone can be written about in a press release. New products and services or a sale are great reasons to issue a press release. If your company has won a prestigious award, write about it.

Create a Voice for Your Brand

When writing press releases, remember to craft a unique voice for your brand. Add a touch of personality so that people will read them and click on the links.
Another great tip is to build relationships with your contacts at media outlets if distributing your press release to print publications. Saying hello and introducing yourself can go a long way in getting to know the actual people behind the process.

Using quotes and testimonials can also be an effective way to expand your audience and liven up the copy.

These are just a few ideas on how to incorporate press releases into your digital marketing strategy. Use your brand’s unique voice to craft quality press releases and consider all the options from print media to digital marketing for distribution.

Press releases are practical and powerful ways to widen your audience and reach. It’s also a fantastic way to keep people informed on the latest news from your business.