Digital Marketing

Why Your SEO Efforts Aren’t Paying off

You’ve read that SEO is essential for the modern business, especially in the midst of the COVID crisis when so many consumers are spending time online. In response, you have invested in SEO, directing your digital marketing strategy toward ranking higher in the search engine results pages.

But there’s a problem: It’s not working.

There are a few good reasons your SEO investment and efforts aren’t giving you the results you expected. Read on for some possible solutions to your current circumstances.

You Aren’t Actually Doing SEO

SEO is so closely tied to so many other digital marketing strategies that SEO newbies might confuse any digital marketing effort for successful SEO. For example, SEO relies heavily on content for establishing links and keywords — but it is important to recognize that content marketing and SEO are not one and the same. If you are only producing and publicizing content, you aren’t actually doing SEO, which means your goal to rise in search rankings will never be reached.

SEO and other forms of digital marketing not only have different techniques, but they tend to have different goals, as well. If you do want to tackle multiple digital marketing strategies at once, you would do well to hire a digital marketing agency in your area, like Digital Current.

You Didn’t Set Any SEO Goals

Speaking of goals, did you set any before you launched your SEO campaign? Like any type of digital marketing, SEO can help you reach many different outcomes depending on where you place your efforts. For example, ranking higher in local search requires a specific set of actions and different keywords than ranking higher in national search.

What’s more, goals tell you what you should be measuring to identify success. Key performance indicators, or KPIs, will vary depending on what you are pursuing with your SEO strategy, and if you measure the wrong KPIs, you might always seem to be failing.

Goal setting is a critical first step of any business endeavor but especially a marketing-related one. You should work with your marketing team to develop goals to better direct and evaluate your SEO going forward.

You Are Using Outdated SEO Techniques

In the olden days — from 2000 to 2010 — almost anyone could understand and enact SEO. Techniques were as simple as stuffing keywords into any available content and spamming links across the web. Because Google’s algorithm was rudimentary, these simple tricks were effective at getting certain pages and domains to rise in rank.

Fortunately, Google wised up. Now, it is much more difficult to manipulate the algorithm, which on one hand improves the quality of websites and content across the web but on the other hand makes SEO much more difficult. If you are still using those outdated SEO techniques, you could be penalized by Google with lower rankings or complete de-indexing. Even if your techniques are only a few years out of date, you probably won’t see the results you expect. Hiring a full-time SEO expert or outsourcing to an experienced SEO firm is the best way to stay up to date on SEO trends.

You Haven’t Waited Long Enough

Sorry to say, SEO doesn’t move particularly swiftly. Even with the most experienced SEO firm on your side, you shouldn’t expect to see any kind of change to your rankings for several weeks — at least. Noticeable SEO results often don’t manifest for months or even more than a year of concerted effort. If your SEO journey only began last week, you simply haven’t spent enough time on the endeavor to expect success. Again, it might be wise to outsource your SEO to a dedicated agency, which can spend more time and resources on SEO than you can.

You Didn’t Leverage SEO Success

Maybe your SEO efforts did make an impact, raising your pages in search and making your web assets more visible to your audience — but if you didn’t do anything to capitalize on that success, you might still feel like a failure. As your search rankings crawl to where you want them, you need to take steps to funnel that hard-earned internet traffic into whatever funnel earns your business money, like contact forms, product pages and the like. Though you might consider this website design and development, it is a crucial step in SEO — which is why it is so useful to have a full-service digital media firm on your side.

Your SEO isn’t working right now, but with a few simple tweaks to your mindset and strategy, you can see SEO success.