10 Office supplies checklist for Starting a Business

It is all about businesses these days. More and more people are interested in starting their own business than working for others. You can see that there is an exponential rise in the number of small businesses that emerged in the past decade. This is a great thing as people started to realize that there are many opportunities out there to grow their business and are taking the risk. All you need to make your business successful is a great idea, determination, and perseverance. That’s the philosophical part of it. But what people often forget is that they need to buy a lot of essential supplies for their office. 

Most of the time what happens is when people start a new business they get supplies that are really important for the business according to them. They get a new place, set up their office, and start their operations. But as soon as they start working they slowly start to realize that they don’t have a few things. The worst part about this is they only realize this when they need that particular thing and it is not there. It can be as simple as a pen or a piece of paper but this is a huge deal breaker. This will make you look unprofessional especially when a client visits your office and you don’t want that. So there are a few things that are basic and essential to your office. They will make sure that work is smooth and people are more productive. 

Here’s a list of items that are essential for your business.


These are probably the most important equipment in today’s world if you are starting a business. There is almost no business in the current day and age that doesn’t use a computer. The reason is simple. They are compact, powerful, more efficient, and do not make mistakes. Computers are very essential to make your business more productive. It is better to use computer software to do your invoicing activities than manually doing it. The important thing is that you should buy good computers and not some second-hand ones or cheaper ones with old software. You can get laptops instead of desktop computers as they occupy less space. Not only that but they are comfortable to work with and portable.

Routers and Internet

This is the second thing that you have to buy after buying a computer. Powerful routers are really important if you have multiple computers and everyone is working on them at the same time. Another important thing that you have to remember is that you need to have multiple routers and not just one router. Well, you can have one router but it will not be enough if you have many employees. A router is effective for a maximum of four people who are using computers or laptops simultaneously. But if there are more than five people then you will definitely need another router. The more the employees the more the routers and internet connections require.

Business telephone system

This is an important thing that most people don’t realize they need even several months after they opened their offices. You need to have a business telephone in your office. It is very essential if you want to make sure that your business runs smoothly. People need at least two telephones in their offices. One is for the receptionist and one is for the head of the company. Don’t give your personal number to clients if they want to contact you. Give them the office number first. You should do this even when you are promoting your business. Because if someone calls your office during working hours and you are not there then someone else will answer the phone when it rings.


Furniture is something that people take for granted. There are a lot of businesses that do not have good furniture in their offices. This is because they don’t feel that it is important but in reality, it plays a huge role in how your office runs. Chains and desks are the most basic furniture you need. But don’t buy bad ones. People sit in their chairs all day long so buy the ones that offer comfort for extended periods of time. Apart from this, you need a sofa set where people can sit while they are waiting. 


You may have the wish to stop the usage of paper completely but that is not going to happen any time soon. So you will definitely be using a lot of paper for your business. Make sure that you have enough of that. Apart from that, you need to buy pencils, pens, notebooks, sticky notes, staplers, staples, rubber bands, paper clips, tape, markers, files, binders, and highlighters. If you don’t know where to get these for offices then you should buy Southwest Business products. They have almost everything that you need in your office. 


You share a lot of information with your colleagues in the office. Apart from that, you will have a lot of information that you want to have a copy of on paper. There are times when you want to have a soft copy of something that you have on paper. So having a multifunctional printer will really help you. And do not forget the ink cartridges have them in spare. 

Paper shredder

This one may not seem like it is important but it actually is. There are times when you are working with confidential information that you cannot share. You cannot simply dump everything in the dustbin. One understands this after several years of experience but you have to be smart from the beginning. So buy a paper shredder and shred the paperwork once the work is done. 

First aid kit

Workplace injuries are very common. You can get injured at any place and any time. But if it happens at the workplace then you have to be prepared for it. If someone falls down or cuts themselves in the office you cannot be running to the nearest hospital. Most of the time the injuries are small that can be treated with the things in a first aid kit. So get a first aid kit. 


You cannot pile up stuff one on top of the other. Storage space is very important to organize your belongings and documents efficiently. Have some small closets where you can arrange things. Make sure you have filing cupboards, shelves, lever arch files, filing cabinets, and storage boxes.

Restroom and cleaning supplies

You have to hire a janitor when you rent an office. Even if you don’t have to hire, you have to make sure that you have all the things they need when they come to clean your office. They will not only be cleaning your office but also the office kitchen. So, keep that in mind when you are purchasing supplies. Get trash bags, dishwashing soap, broom, dustpan, duster, toilet cleaner, plunger, mop, and sponges. Apart from these, you will also need restroom supplies like toilet paper and sanitizer. 


These are some of the things that are absolutely essential for a business. Having these supplies will make sure that your business runs smoothly. Another thing that you have to make sure is you keep a check on the things that you bought. For example, you have to keep looking at the amount of paper, dishwashing soap, ink cartridges, paper clips, and toilet paper. These things can run out at any time. Keeping track will help you in buying them in advance before you have any shortage.