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Benefits of Having a Text Marketing Service for Your Business

These days, one resource is more limited than any other when it comes to generating new business: The attention span of your customers. As such, you have to find new and creative ways of getting their attention, their time, and ultimately, their money. Thankfully, text marketing can be hugely beneficial for these purposes, and there are many benefits to having a text marketing service. 

Text marketing services are still relatively new, and as a result, there is quite a bit of confusion about them. However, when you get down to it, these services are actually quite simple. You sign up for any number of expertly run services that will allow you to send a mass text to your customers. From there, you decide what you want to say, and schedule the optimum time to send a text. Once the text is sent, you can see data that shows when your text is read. Customers can text you back, and you can respond to customers in order to answer questions. Given the enormous amount of time that people spend texting these days, this is a great way of connecting with people whose numbers you have. 

There are many reasons why these services are so beneficial. They include:


In most cases, there is a flat fee per text, but then an extremely small fee for every text you send out. As such, you can potentially message thousands of people for hundreds of dollars. This is much, much smaller than the cost of a digital ad, or using regular mail. It is also more flexible, and you can set up a campaign at any time. 

Doesn’t Require Internet

You don’t need the internet to receive text messages – indeed, all of the digital access you need is usually in your pocket! As such, you can connect with customers anywhere, at any time. 

Reach Customers On A Personal Level

These messages are extremely customizable, and you can send messages based on a customer’s buying history, prior contacts, and more. This gets even easier if you have a good customer management database that allows you to track this sort of data. Furthermore, you should purchase a system that easily integrates with one of these systems.


Reaching thousands of customers can be done in a breeze. All you have to do is decide the messaging, work out the message, and hit “send.” You can then manage responses and list management right from your computer, ensuring that you never need to leave your seat in order to reach thousands of current and new customers. 

As noted by the text marketing experts at CDYNE, good text marketing services can give you access to an “out-of-the-box text messaging platform.” When done right, these services allow for scheduling, mass communication, responses, database integration, and more. These marketing features are becoming more and more popular and can give your business a great and inexpensive way to connect with customers.