Top 5 digital signage companies for 2021

Digital signage solutions are seeing rapid adoption in the business world, thanks to the flexibility of using custom content, ease of integrating with other systems, and the ingenious lighting display that creates the perfect scene.  

Digital signage comprises different features that form a complete solution used to educate, advertise, entertain, or inform an audience. In one package, these solutions would include digital signage software, hardware, content management and integration, network monitoring, multi-user access, multi-screen support, etc.  

The digital signage market has grown over the years. Several companies are now maximizing technology to create the best marketing, sales, and branding solutions for businesses and organizations across different niches. According to a 2019 industry report, the digital signage market size is predicted to cross the $30 billion mark by 2025. Moving from $17.2 billion in 2018 to $ 31.7 billion in 2025. This represents a CAGR of 8.1% between the forecast periods, 2018 – 2025.

We compared several companies offering complete digital signage solutions then rounded up the top 5 market players based on their key competencies and how they have positioned themselves in the market. These companies, ranked in no particular order. They are changing the way we see, use, and leverage signs to make the best of our business and office spaces. 

FourWinds Interactive

FourWinds Interactive (FWI) is one of the leading digital signage companies, serving more than 7,500 customers. The company helps organizations and businesses manage large-scale, distributed, and multi-purpose signage networks. 

FWI’s flexible and highly-customizable cloud-based digital platform puts this company ahead of the competition. The platform allows businesses to manage unorthodox signage networks, and you can integrate 3rd party data and even sync your signage to work on a single or separate network. 

FWI cloud allows you to design and publish personalized content at scale. Automatic upgrades mean you’re always up-to-date with the latest features, and the simplified cloud management allows you to monitor the status of all devices from anywhere. This makes troubleshooting easy. 

The company has also simplified lots of navigational issues within their app, and you can easily modify some content and even create a personalized guest or customer experience. An excellent team of engineers and support agents are always on standby to help customers navigate the inevitable challenges that might arise along the way.

Some of the FWI top clients include Bank of America, Marriott International, Wells Fargo, American Airlines, Boeing, Microsoft, and MGM resorts. 


With 15 years of industry experience, Mvix has set the standards for enterprise-grade digital signage solutions. The company was created in 2005 and has grown to power approximately sixty thousand screens for more than 15,000 clients’ solutions across 30 countries. 

Mvix features a couple of ingenious software solutions, such as the award-winning digital signage software (winner of 2017 DIGI-award), content apps, data signage estimator, and data integrations. The latter comes with more than 150 business data sources, which can be used for several business display integrations or applications.

Mvix end-to-end digital signage solutions allow you to deploy your signs and oversee customization, implementation, installation, and other managed services such as minimizing downtimes. This presents a fully-integrated solution for a wide range of markets. 

With the diverse portfolio of digital signage hardware: digital signage player, meeting rooms’ signs, and interactive signage systems, you are sure to find the perfect solution to suit your business needs. 

Mvix’s highly adaptable and flexible digital solutions, quality customer support, and affordable, on-time pricing are the company’s key competitive advantages. 

Some of Mvix’s clients include NASA, Pepsi, Yamaha, Timberland, Castrol, Kings Dominion, Verizon, Hilton, Amazon and Toyota to name a few.   


Scala is a digital signage company that’s been in the industry for quite some time. The 30 years of experience has enabled Scala to build a partnership with other marketing technology giants such as STRATACACHE – a company that acquired Scala in 2016. 

Using the “marketing-first” principle to transform physical businesses, Scala has built its reputation around the scalability and flexibility of software and hardware deployments. Software products include Scala Player, Designer, Scala designer cloud, and content manager. Some of Scala’s hardware solutions include playback, entry-level & large-scale media players, and content accelerators. 

Regardless of your project’s size and scope, Scala offers flexible and scalable signage solutions that allow you to personalize every aspect of your business’ marketing experience. The integration of various information systems allows for effective communication so you can take your advertising, marketing, and branding to the next level.

Besides being scalable and flexible for a wide range of applications such as menu boards, video walls, or standalone displays, another advantage of using Scala is the easy-to-navigate user interface. The content manager is divided into logical sections allowing you to quickly organize and create advanced frame sets for playback.

Scala’s most recent clients include KIA motors Brazil, Bristol Airport (UK), Taipei Arena (Taiwan), Shell Oil and Heineken. 


Visix is a software development firm that offers digital signage solutions for corporate, healthcare, education, and government facilities. The company is spread across three continents and has been operating in the digital signage space for decades. 

Unlike the other digital signage companies focusing more on business marketing or advertising, Visix offers signage solutions designed for organizational communications. Services stretch beyond software and hardware to include hosting through their intuitive CMS that allows you to import and schedule content. 

Besides the digital signage software, Visix offers content solutions, Meeting Room signs, and several other services: software training, implementation, cloud-based software deployment, and managed services – monitoring, analytics, scheduling, maintenance, to mention a few. 

Corporate organizations use Visix to improve internal communication and to enhance customer relationships. The company has positioned itself as a leader in content and communication management. The majority of its clients are government, services, and learning institutions: Fort Sam Houston, Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas, Yale University and Ohio State University.  


Serving a wide range of markets, ONELAN is a global leader in developing and managing agile digital signage solutions. Meeting room signage, software systems, media players, and data visualization are the company’s key offerings. 

ONELAN’s CMS gives you access to useful developer features in a simplistic way that’s friendly to both novice and professional users. This allows you to scale and integrate several player networks quickly. The CMS is available as a Virtual Machine (VM), Physical Appliance (PA), or a cloud-hosted service installation in the cloud or on-premise. 

The other popular products from the company are:

  • Meeting room signage that comes with a “busy room status.”
  • Wayfinding signs that help guests and staff easily find meetings and to access the meeting summary content quickly. 
  • Reserva Analytics, a browser-based solution used to monitor meeting-space utilization and optimize business resources accordingly.  

4K Video Wall Solutions and the Reserva room signage for meeting room bookings are the two flagship products from ONELAN. 

Ikea, KPMG, PWC, Virgin, Domino’s, and Vodafone are popular brands that use ONELAN’s digital signage solutions.


The digital signage market is extensive, and the five companies above represent the many industry players that are leveraging technology to offer smart, customized, and scalable digital signage products. 

Whether you want to grab your visitors’ attention, boost brand awareness, deliver time-sensitive information, or motivate your employees, smart signage solution is the way to go. 

The flexibility to create unique content and display custom messages means you can communicate the right information to the right people at the perfect time. This is one advantage of digital signage that’s quite relevant in the business and corporate environment.