Enterprise Mobile App Development​

Every second person in the world today uses a smartphone to access the web. Billions of devices have been sold in recent years, and this is just the beginning of the mobile revolution.

Why mobile apps are crucial

To improve company image – having a quality mobile application shows your clients that your business is up-to-date and that you are counting on a long-term partnership.

  • Stand out among competitors – many companies still focus too much on traditional channels of promotion and communication with customers – advertising, leaflets, SMS notifications. While these are all good, your business can stand out from the competition and offer your clients a comfortable and modern channel of interaction.
  • Raise customer loyalty to a new level – you can run various loyalty programs through the app, encouraging your long-time customers. Instead of club and bonus cards, which customers can forget or lose, they will use a smartphone with your mobile app, which is always at their fingertips.
  • A new level of service – notifications in the app will help your customers to be aware of all the news, promotions, and activities of your company, they will not miss the most important things and keep track of the fulfillment of their order.
  • Marketing campaigns – discounts and special promotions for mobile app users are a new way to interact with your potential customer.
  • Continuous communication with your customer – you will have a single channel of communication with your customers which provides a modern level of customer service.
  • Gather information about your audience – thanks to statistics of app usage, a company gets to know its target audience better. A rare uninterested user will enter the application and keep it on his device at all. The information obtained will be needed by the business for its further promotion.

How to know your business needs an app

There are many tasks, and it’s up to each brand to choose which one they need. But how do you know if your business really needs an app?

Right off the bat, not every business needs an app, but it’s not always immediately clear. Sometimes, the understanding comes too late when the money for development and promotion has gone, but the tasks are still unresolved.

Do you use a loyalty program?

An app not only makes business mobile, but it also frees the wallet from plastic cards. Think about what you can offer the customer as a loyalty system. Do you have a rewards card that can be transferred there? If so, it would be convenient for the customer to use your app specifically.

What new features will the app provide?

Think about what the app can do that your existing website can’t. If you decide that using a mobile app will become more convenient for users, then feel free to order the development. 

Stages of mobile application development

  • Idea and analytics;
  • Terms of reference;
  • Design;
  • Development;
  • Testing.

Idea and analytics

Determine why you need the app and what user problems it will solve. This information should be given to the developers that do thorough research so that your application doesn’t become just another app that clogs up one’s phone’s memory.

Terms of reference

Together with the client, a detailed requirements specification (TOR) is prepared, which is then passed on to the designers and developers. The ToR specifies the application features, interface design, and personalization elements (e.g., stories and a travel map).


UX and UI designers are in charge of design development. The UX designer is a kind of marketer who studies user behavior, comes up with user-friendly interface blueprints, tests the application, and prepares the terms of reference for the UI designer.


After the designers have worked on the appearance of the application, programmers set the application in motion. Usually, a test prototype version of the app is created first.


Testing is done to make sure that the app works perfectly. It helps to detect various bugs even before the official release.


You must have asked yourself: which app will pay back your investment in it? The answer depends on the area of your business, goals, and tasks that the application should solve. But if you need help then we advise you to contact a specialized mobile app solutions company. We also recommend you to read our article about how to properly implement a software solution for business.