How Voicemail Apps Can Help Increase Productivity In Your Business

The dawn of landline phones helped people communicate with each other. But, it didn’t fix one problem, and that is the need for the other individual to receive the call. So, if the receiver of the call didn’t pick up the phone in time, you can’t leave a message.

But then voicemail came into the scene, and it changed the way many people communicate. Several businesses are also now using voicemail apps to help increase operational productivity. Continue reading to know nine ways voicemail apps improve business operations.

  • Saves Time

One of the main challenges of trying to reach another individual with a landline phone is that the other person needs to pick up their telephone. The phone rings for about a minute or two before the line cuts. Then, you can try to reach that person once more by dialing the same number.

This method can go on forever, or until the individual you’re trying to reach picks up their telephone. You can decide to contact that person for over 30 minutes, and there’s still a chance that he or she won’t be there to receive the call.

Unlike money, you can’t replace time. So, wasting those precious 30 minutes means you lost that valuable time forever. You can only wallow in the demise of the lost time as you wished you spent it with other meaningful tasks instead. That scenario might not also bode well for business people that are running on a tight deadline.

But, using voicemail apps can help alleviate that dilemma. Businesses can now use the appropriate application to leave a voice message to another person’s telephone or mobile device.

So, you can leave a voicemail, and continue with your crucial projects. Thus, you waste little to no time trying to reach your colleague. As a bonus, you save or even improve production efficiency since you’re not spending time sitting at your desk while looking at the telephone, hoping that the other person will receive the call.

  • Leave Non-Invasive Marketing Messages

Many people don’t like salespeople because of their pushy methods. The “In-Your-Face” approach in attempting to sell products and services might not be the best technique to market your business offerings.

Like you, other individuals value their time. So, demanding the valuable time of others to listen to your marketing spiel can give your business negative feedback.

Instead, opt for using a non-invasive marketing approach. Consider using ringless voicemail apps to help you in that endeavor.

Ringless voicemail allows you or your sales and marketing representatives to deliver marketing messages to targeted audiences. The service sounds like a conventional method to leave voice messages, but, like its name, ringless voicemail drops a message to an individual’s mobile device without letting it ring.

This non-invasive approach allows potential leads and existing customers to listen to the message during their preferred time. In comparison, cold calls invade the other individual’s time, which might give your representative a mouthful of hurtful words from the receiver of that call.

By now, you might be wondering, “How to leave a voicemail without calling?” Several ringless voicemail apps exist to help you in that regard. However, you should pick the best app with the features that fit your business to help you gain excellent value for money.

You can start your search by checking out the following video: 

  • Integrate with Other Marketing Campaigns

In line with the previous benefit, you can integrate ringless voicemail marketing to other advertising or branding campaigns.

Perhaps your primary marketing strategy is to acquire interest from your business’ social media page. Interested customers may then submit their contact details to a form. Then, you can use these pieces of contact information to send voice messages straight to your leads’ voicemail inbox.

Using ringless voicemail to supplement an existing marketing campaign increases the chances of achieving contact with your leads and existing clients. In comparison, many messages left to target audiences using standalone marketing practices won’t get through successfully. One reason for this outcome is because of your target market to be busy people.

Using two marketing techniques like bulk message and ringless voicemail sending to increase employee productivity and enhance sales opportunities at the same time.

  • Screen Calls

Call screening means assessing the caller before you can answer or make the connection. For example, you can screen calls coming from a particular set of phone numbers if you think they come from a telemarketing agency.

But, screening calls using manual methods might open the doors for human error. For example, you told your colleague to screen calls for you while you’re in a meeting. However, one of the screened numbers comes from an important client.

A reliable voicemail system will help your business screen calls accurately and professionally. The trustworthy app will help avoid offending potential leads and existing business partners by letting callers leave a voicemail.

Here are some quick tips to help you create the ideal business voicemail greeting:

  • Don’t begin with a phrase like, “Your call is significant to us…” Several businesses already use this phrase and can put off callers.
  • Invite the caller to leave a message.
  • State the reason for not being able to take the call at that moment. Moreover, apologize to the caller that you can’t take the call.
  • List other options available for the caller to reach you. For example, the caller can send you an email if the matter is urgent.
  • The message shouldn’t go beyond 25 seconds. Keep the message short yet concise.

Also, many voicemail apps have one-touch screening options. Thus, you can accept, reject, or direct the call to voicemail with a touch of a button.

Use reliable voicemail apps with noteworthy call screening features to reduce the risks of losing potential business transactions. As a bonus, you won’t need to assign a staff member to secure your phone line while you’re handling other tasks.

  • Multi-Tasking

Several business tasks demand your full attention. But, you don’t want to miss out on other pending projects or else they’ll pile up. You might find yourself up to your neck in tasks before the day ends. Instead of stressing over the influx of pending job orders, you can maintain a significant portion of your concentration on critical tasks while catering to other matters. One way to help you multi-task is to use the right voicemail app.

A voicemail app with text to speech features lets you handle different tasks at once without giving your entire focus on reading messages. For example, you’re creating a report for an upcoming meeting while the app reads your messages out loud.

Another situation is when you’re attempting to reach a lead or client through text. But, you noticed that the individual doesn’t look at his or her text messages often. You can let the voicemail app convert your text to audio without making you exert the extra effort to record the voice message using your voice.

These scenarios help open up multitasking opportunities. Voicemail apps may also reduce chances for giving you overtime at work since you can finish more tasks in a day.

  • Reduce Risks of Lost Messages

Imagine the following scenario: you leave your office desk to take that much-deserved one-hour lunch break. Then, you return with a pile of papers on your table. Rummaging through all the pieces of paper will take time, and some of the documents might include crucial messages for current business projects.

Some business owners might think that they should receive messages through word of mouth instead. But, verbal messages can get distorted or forgotten. These instances can lead to miscommunication, which will present the company with more challenges.

Reduce these mishaps from happening, and increase productivity at the same time with voicemail apps. Using voicemail assures staff members of all levels that messages stay in the message inbox until deleted or moved. You can also replay these audio files whenever you want to ensure the accuracy and credibility of the message received.

As a bonus, you can listen to the voice messages while you’re handling another task. So, if an office worker dumps a pile of papers on your desk for you to check, you can listen to your voice messages while you’re skimming through the documents.

  • Avoid Making Your Callers Wait

Many people don’t like waiting for a very long time during calls. Consequently, your leads and clients may not be too keen on pressing different telephone numbers before they can reach one of your customer service representatives.

Again, don’t disregard the value of time, especially when you put your feet in the shoes of your target audience. The “Press 1 if you want to learn more” message means that there are a few more interactions similar to that of robotic conversation. It might take a few minutes for the caller to get to the telephone menu wherein they can choose to talk with an agent.

But, the waiting time may not end there because the system will place the caller in a queue. At this point, the caller may continue to wait for a few or several minutes before they can get their concerns across to the representative. Otherwise, the individual might give up, especially when they have something more important to do.

That call might be a critical message telling your business that it’s about to receive a sale. But, the lengthy calling process can become annoying and very time-consuming.

Instead, choose to use voicemail apps for your leads and customers to reach your representatives faster than dialing multiple numbers on the telephone before contacting the agent. The app can streamline the entire sales process to let your agents cater to the various needs of callers.

Streamlining the call also means your sales representatives can cater to more calls in a day. Thus, you can increase productivity while improving the chances of your company to gain more sales opportunities.

  • Manage an Outsourced Team

Communication is a critical component for all parties concerned in particular business operations, especially when you have outsourced services. Hiring outsourced services needs you to monitor your third-party staff. You need to assure that this virtual team is providing excellent value for their offered services.

But, you can’t call every five minutes to check on updates as that would disrupt their operations. Deliver too much disturbance, and you run the risk of causing unwanted problems to their services.

Instead, you and the third-party service provider should use voicemail apps. The application you choose should allow you to create, store, and listen to audio messages whenever you desire. So, the outsourced service provider can listen to your messages after their shift. Then, the third-party staff members can leave you voicemail reports, and you can listen to those audio files when you have free time.

Also, use voicemail apps to leave crucial messages to your virtual team. For example, you can impart immediate changes in your voice message for your outsourced marketing campaign.

  • Call Forwarding

Sometimes callers send messages to the wrong number, but, the correct contact person is still within your company’s walls. Other communication systems might need you to search for a person of interest throughout the premises. But, you can use a reliable voicemail app’s call-forwarding feature to eliminate that need.

The right voicemail application allows you to forward a call or message to the appropriate number. Also, you can use this functionality to let your colleague at the office forward your messages to your inbox when you’re on the road or vacation.


Voicemail apps present businesses of all sizes with different benefits that target productivity. Use the right software to help your startup firm, medium enterprise, or large corporation by delivering and receiving important audio messages. Forward messages, multi-task, and store critical messages in one trustworthy app to enhance business efficiency. Use your voicemail system wisely, and it can even serve as a marketing channel to help your brand attract more customers. But, you should take the time to search for the best voicemail app to ensure your business gains excellent value from the program’s features.