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Free Keyword Research Tools to Look for in 2020

Whether you are working on a new blog, developing quality content for an existing website or simply seeking to enhance user experience on your website, quality keywords are a must. They are an efficient, reliable and the best way to attract the right, quality and consistent traffic to your website. In the modern SEO world, keyword research is even a more crucial element that you must pay attention to. To carry out successful keyword research, here are some of the best free keyword research tools to look for in 2020.  


Ubersuggest is a powerful, efficient and quality keyword research tool. It helps allows you to identify long-tail keywords within a short time. The tool offers the best insights related to organic keywords and website traffic. What’s more, it comes with an array of features that makes it a highly desirable tool for your keyword research. This includes 

  • Discovery of organic keywords from different websites
  • A complete SEO report 
  • Allows you to understand backlinks with the most impact on your ranking 
  • Helps you to discover the competition, search volume and keyword seasonal trends 

Answer the Public 

Answer the Public is a powerful keyword generator for keyword research and it demonstrates the effectiveness of an SEO campaign. It is a powerful application that is highly functional in different regions including Afghanistan, Australia and the United States among other regions. Its features include 

  • The ability to provide complete data visualization 
  • Can find up to 1500 PR keywords globally 
  • It automatically offers content suggestions when you type any keyword in the search textbox
  • Supports an array of languages including Polski and English 


Soolve is also a free keyword research tool that offers suggestions from different search engines including Amazon, Google, Bing and Yahoo. It suggests several trending keywords that have been sorted out alphabetically and allows you to save your keyword suggestions. Its features include; 

  • The ability to customize your search options 
  • Helps you to switch swiftly from one search engine to the other 
  • Allows you to identify different suggestions when you search a specific search engine 
  • You can also reuse identified and saved items in the future using the research tool


Instakeywords is a powerful research tool that offers an array of keyword suggestions. Most importantly, it focuses on vital data including data search from the last month, competition score and a local search volume. Its features include 

  • The ability to explore keywords with just a single click 
  • Allows you to search for keywords from different mobile devices including iPads and Android phones
  • It doesn’t have ads and graphics
  • It offers statistics and keywords on a single page. Therefore, there is no need to reload or navigate pages 
  • When using instakeywords, it is easy to identify long-tail or long term keywords 

Google Trends 

Google Trends is a keyword research tool that is used online and can analyse popular keywords and top search queries on Google. Therefore, it can be used efficiently to find keywords across different regions and languages. It uses top graphs to compare the search of keywords and queries. Its features include 

  • The ability to provide real-time search trends daily 
  • It offers accurate searches on different categories such as beauty, food, fashion and people
  • Offers all year round wise statistics
  • Allows you to know the interests of others at any given time
  • It automatically identifies and detects various topics as per your search keywords
  • Offers a drop-down menu on most searched views and trending searches 

Keyword Tool Dominator 

Keyword tool dominator works by allowing you to identify long-tail keywords searched by your audience. It is an ideal keyword tool for different platforms including Amazon, eBay among others. As such, it is easy to get more keyword phrases when using the tool. Its features include 

  • The ability to provide real-time keyword suggestions and within the shortest time possible 
  • Allows you to search phrases using a single search term 
  • It predicts search results from other internet users 
  • Offers results of what the tool thinks you could be looking or searching for. 
  • Offers clear results on the most popular search terms 


Keysearch is a unique keyword research tool and program that allows you to identify low competition, relevant and popular keywords for a blog or website. It uses different ways to target and import phrases. Furthermore, it fetches top keywords suggested by YouTube, Amazon and Google. With the tool, you can easily get a clear analysis of deeper keyword competition. Its features include 

  • The ability to check on your website’s backlink 
  • You can search for five keywords a day and audit your page 
  • Allows you to create notifications and reports based on ranking updates
  • Offers a clear video tutorial to help you understand how it works in your keyword research


Wordstream allows you to enter keywords or a website URL to research your keywords. It sources data using Google’s keyword research API and filters your search results by industry or niche. Its features include 

  • Offers competition score results with a Cost per Click estimate
  • Drives traffic to your site and uploads a downloaded file into Google Ads
  • Shows the top ten keywords based on the search.